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The thing is – we get you!

In fact, we like to believe we get the service provider business better than any other storage partner.

Whether your customers’ data is on-prem, in your data center and/or in a public cloud, no one helps you connect, control and monetize data like NetApp.

Why NetApp for cloud and hosting providers?

We get you're running a services business and customer experience is key.

We get you’ll differentiate if you manage customer data across hybrid environments better than competitors.  

We get you need fast time to market, business model flexibility, low ops overhead and minimal risk.    

We know this is what NetApp can help you achieve like no other storage partner. 

It’s About the Bottom Line

We get that you need diverse business models to meet your financial objectives. Whether capex or opex-based, NetApp gives you the control to select the model that works best. 

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Asset-light solutions

Expand service catalog with low financial risk

Quickly deliver capex-free, pre-engineered services that align cost with revenue and reduce ops headaches. 

It’s About the Experience You Deliver

We get you need agility to move customer data to the right place at the right time for the best CX. Only NetApp delivers this via seamless data integration across on-prem, private and public clouds.

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It’s About the Support You Receive

We get that it's not easy to productize and operationalize new services. Without technology partner support you risk putting sub-optimal services into the market that can ruin customer confidence. The Fueled by NetApp program positions you for success with support throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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Tools and Resources

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