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NetApp and Google Cloud

: Get inspired to do more

You’ve already bet on NetApp and Google Cloud. Now you’re ready for more. Here you will find tips and expert advice to help you multiply the value of your data. Along the way, we’ll help you solve cloud migration challenges, lower costs, and improve data security and protection in the cloud. When you have NetApp and Google Cloud in your corner, it’s a win-win-win.

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Download your Google Cloud guide

To help you as you explore Google Cloud’s full range of capabilities, we’ve pulled together a few helpful guides. Whether you’re looking to bring more apps into cloud, to strengthen your cyber fortifications, or to get your VMs off premises, we have a guide for that.

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Hybrid file services guide

Let your data lead the way with cloud-scale enterprise storage solutions that support mission-critical workloads (yes, including SMB).

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VMware workload guide

Migrate and manage your storage-intensive VMware workloads with zero headaches.

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Cyber resilience guide

Build a comprehensive data protection and security strategy that doesn’t just plan for the worst—it proactively prevents it from happening.

Build innovation momentum

When you pair NetApp® technology with Google Cloud, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible. From running SMB/CIFS, NFS, and SAP file shares, to migrating storage-intensive VMware workloads, to cross-region replication with disaster recovery built in, we can do more to make cloud work for you.

Move forward with confidence

You’ve invested in us—and we’re invested in you. We’ve mapped solutions for the most common cloud use cases. So take stock of where you are today, then plan for what more you can do.

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Got a Google Cloud commitment?

Confidently build a plan for your Google Cloud spending commitments. Use our expert help to identify the right workloads, to optimize your data, and to predict your budgets with no surprises. Solve business challenges and save time and money. Now that’s CFO approved.

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Next steps

Learn more ways you can up your Google Cloud game with NetApp.

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Ask the Community

Ask other NetApp users your most pressing questions. Join the Community to learn from and to teach one another how to take your NetApp experience to the next level.

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Contact us

Just want to talk through the practicalities? No matter what solutions, products, or services you’re interested in, we’d love to talk.

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Need to practice?

Learn how to manage your hybrid Google Cloud environment most efficiently in one of our customer-only hands-on labs.

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