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Cyber Resilience

A data-centric approach to security and protection

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Cyberattacks are on the rise—and with the cost of attacks increasing more than 20% every year, the stakes get higher and higher for your data and business.

To fight off hackers, organizations of all sizes have approached security and data protection as two siloed functions. But as hacking gets more sophisticated, the line between security and data protection is blurring. When an attacker gets through the security barrier, are you prepared to pay the estimated $4 million per instance remediation cost of a ransomware attack—not including the actual ransomware payout?


Jason Blosil, Principal Marketing Strategist, Data Protection
Keith Aasen, Sr. Manager, ONTAP Customer Product Management

You’ll learn:

  • How to avoid ransomware attacks
  • How to build a modern approach to security and protection (hint: it starts with your data)
  • How to embed cyber resilience into your IT

Your last line of defense against a cyberattack is where your data is stored. Let’s build your cyber-resilience strategy around your data and make your IT a hacker’s worst nightmare.

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