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Data backup and recovery: Always there

Stuff happens, as they say. That said, data loss is unacceptable. Brilliantly engineered and simple to use, our backup and recovery solutions help ensure a quick and full recovery from the “stuff” you can’t control.

Why NetApp data backup and recovery?

This isn’t Vegas, it’s your data

Data loss, or loss of access to data, can be – and usually is – devastating. According to a University of Texas study, 94% of companies that suffer a catastrophic data loss do not survive – 43% never reopen and 51% close within two years.

As the global leader in cloud data services, storage systems, and software, our reputation depends on delivering the most advanced backup and recovery solutions for end-to-end protection across your entire data fabric. You won’t find better odds anywhere.

Data backup solutions

From easily searching for and recovering lost data to providing business continuity and maximum uptime, our backup and recovery solutions protect your data across the hybrid cloud.

Cloud backup and recovery software: efficient backup to object

Say goodbye to backup windows. NetApp® BlueXP® backup and recovery leverages the native protection features of ONTAP to efficiently backup your data to another ONTAP device or the object storage of your choice, on premises or in the cloud. Dramatically accelerate backup and restore of data in as little as seconds with integrated block-level replication and application integration via a simple user interface or RESTful APIs.

SnapCenter backup software: protection perfected

Think backup protection should be easy? We couldn’t agree more. NetApp® SnapCenter® software simplifies backup, restore, and clone management across disparate applications and infrastructures, while letting you delegate management to application and database owners without sacrificing control or oversight. Simply amazing.

GigaOm highlights NetApp leadership

GigaOm recognizes NetApp as a Leader and Fast Mover in the 2023 Sonar for File-Based Ransomware Protection.

Klinikum Freising

Improve business continuity, protect all data, and accelerate digital hospital processes.

Todd Energy

NetApp storage technology enables maximum resiliency for mission-critical datasets.

City University of Hong Kong

Cost-savings and flexibility for a new era of growth.

Featured data protection partners

NetApp’s data protection and security partners integrate with ONTAP data protection to deliver best of breed protection across your hybrid cloud. 

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