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Todd Energy modernizes and streamlines disaster recovery

NetApp storage technology enables maximum resiliency for mission-critical datasets.

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Shoring up disaster recovery to meet aggressive growth

Like all businesses in the energy sector, Todd Energy depends on data for its success. Every part of the organization uses data to gain insights and plan operations, from subsurface modeling to production operations and instrumentation. Managing all that data while maintaining security and availability is challenging, and with the company’s existing tape infrastructure nearing end of life, their disaster recovery capabilities were pushed to the brink.

Together with NetApp and NetApp partner Citrus Consulting, Todd Energy modernized and enhanced their disaster recovery and backup infrastructure to improve business continuity and enhance protection against mounting cybersecurity threats.

Opening the data pipeline

Todd Energy knew that to modernize their DR capability, they needed an enterprise-scale hybrid infrastructure so that data could be moved seamlessly across cloud providers. With a geographically dispersed environment, they needed a solution that was flexible and easy to use while providing the robust features and stability their applications and users required.

Todd Energy’s modern business continuity infrastructure has enabled them to deliver always-on data services to their internal teams across the country. Since the solution was implemented, the company has not experienced any outages, and their time to restore has decreased dramatically.

We couldn’t do disaster recovery without SnapMirror. With our old system, we were always unsure about whether our backups were available or retrievable. We don’t have to worry about backup anymore—SnapMirror fixes all of that.

Keith Chamberlain, Service Delivery IT Manager, Todd Energy

Conserving footprint while protecting the data environment

By moving to a hybrid solution for backup and DR, Todd Energy was also able to free up valuable footprint while reducing energy consumption and condensing equipment from 5 racks to 3. With a new hybrid model, the company can easily move data across cloud and on-premises resources, depending on the needs of their applications. Active IQ® Unified Manager gives the company’s IT managers a real-time, single-pane-of-glass viewpoint to monitor the health and utilization of all of their systems so they can make decisions on the fly.

With NetApp SnapMirror® replication software, Todd Energy doesn’t have to worry about backups. In their words, “It just works.” The company is confident that their data is being replicated offsite where they can retrieve it in seconds instead of days, weeks, or months. And the implementation of SnapMirror into their current environment was seamless. Using their new backup and DR infrastructure built on SnapMirror, Todd Energy can quickly and easily integrate with other systems and platforms across their infrastructure, such as VMware, without implementing a new hypervisor product.

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