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Cost-savings and flexibility for a new era of growth

The City University of Hong Kong's (CityU) storage and backup facilities are mission-critical for the university’s operation, supporting important services and data management such as its Student Information System, financial systems, and Oracle VMs.

To accelerate overall IT efficiency and service levels, the university needed a new approach to its storage infrastructure and data management. NetApp partnered with CityU to consolidate all SAN and NAS workloads onto a unified platform, with a high-availability active-active architecture and real-time backup in two data centers.

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Eliminating costly and inefficient storage silos

Over the years, CityU's systems had expanded to meet increasing demands for performance, capacity, and data protection, gradually creating discrete silos of storage that needed to be independently managed and monitored. CityU worked with NetApp to modernize their storage infrastructure.

CityU's new systems are designed to include high-performance hardware with adaptive, scalable storage management software that accelerates the performance and availability of existing workloads, while also being adaptable and scalable to address new applications and evolving technologies. The new solutions simplified CityU’s storage infrastructure by consolidating its existing workloads into two sets of FAS systems, powered by NetApp ONTAP data management software, separately deployed in two data centers for active-active data resilience.

By migrating our legacy systems to NetApp, we have achieved an 80% saving in TCO, in addition to a 75% saving in physical space. NetApp has delivered an incredible price and performance advantage. For a fraction of our previous annual maintenance expenditure, we have modernized our two data centers with all-new NetApp solutions.

Manfred Chan, Senior Manager of Computing Services Center, City U

Nondisruptive Oracle Database and Oracle VM migration

With a comprehensive set of software and hardware solutions to address even the most stringent requirements for availability and performance in Oracle VM environments, NetApp solutions deliver highly available, zero-data-loss solutions for mission-critical Oracle workloads. NetApp ONTAP and MetroCluster are purpose-built solutions for Oracle environments.

NetApp FAS and ONTAP offer flexibility and scalability to support CityU’s growth. The university can now grow with the most advanced NetApp solutions, while also continuing to use older systems as necessary. Moreover, it has the freedom to connect all of its systems to the cloud, building a hybrid cloud with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or any other leading cloud provider.

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- 80% TCO savings

- 75% physical space reduction

- Zero data loss for mission-critical Oracle workloads

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