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NetApp: Leader on new GigaOm Sonars for DSSP and ransomware

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Jason Blosil

GigaOm has recently published its latest Sonar report for File-Based Storage Ransomware Protection, and NetApp is highlighted as a Leader and fast mover for file storage. NetApp continues to enhance its powerful portfolio of data protection and security solutions to deliver industry-leading ransomware protection on premises and in the cloud.

Detecting anomalies with ONTAP and Cloud Insights

NetApp moved from a challenger in last year’s report to a fast-moving Leader in this year’s report. GigaOm highlights differentiated features, including advanced anomaly detection delivered through autonomous ransomware protection. This feature, native to NetApp® ONTAP® data management software, uses machine learning to detect file system anomalies that might be evidence of file encryption, which is common with ransomware attacks. Upon detecting an attack, autonomous ransomware protection takes proactive action by creating a NetApp Snapshot copy as a recovery point.

GigaOm BlueXP Classifications Sonar Chart

User behavior anomaly detection is enabled through NetApp Cloud Insights Storage Workload Security (formerly Cloud Secure), which leverages NetApp FPolicy in ONTAP to identify file access anomalies that might indicate compromised accounts, insider threats, and even data exfiltration. This capability complements autonomous ransomware protection to enhance visibility into cyberthreats.

More protection against attacks

GigaOm mentioned other strengths of NetApp technology. Immutable, indelible data copies protect against unwanted data deletion, such as attacks on backup copies that are required for data recovery. Another strength is multi-administrator verification, which requires more than one administrator account to approve critical tasks, such as volume deletion and administrator account creation. NetApp’s all-flash storage is also backed by an available ransomware recovery guarantee.

A consistent leader

The NetApp leadership in this GigaOm Sonar report is consistent with NetApp being recognized as a fast-moving Leader in the recent GigaOm DSSP Sonar for Primary Storage and the Sonar for DSSP for Data Security Infrastructure.

NetApp is backed by decades of innovation and advanced security certifications—and we’re the only enterprise storage vendor listed in the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program. Our accomplishments demonstrate that you can trust NetApp storage to keep your data secure and protected.

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