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The University of Montpellier leaps forward in its data storage and sharing capabilities

Thanks to its resilience, robustness, and modularity, the Meso@LR platform now hosts a massive volumes of heterogeneous data on a unified and sustainable platform.

Université de Montpellier
Université de Montpellier


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With the Muse@LR platform, the University of Montpellier aims to implement collective intelligence at the service of a weakened planet

A useable overall storage volume of 15", delivered to more than 60,000 users of THE MUSE Foundation.

Led by Litto-CMS, the Equipex-Geosud consortium aims to democratize the use of satellite imagery for as many people as possible to improve protection of coastal areas.

With the significant increase of our storage capacity from 1.3 PB to 15 PB, we are now better able to meet two essential requirements effectively. We improved functionality of our processor cores which, until now, had suffered from data overload which had a significant impact on their performance. We can also now provision a highly available and secure storage service, offering ideal conditions for everything related to research data.

Alexandre Dehne-Garcia INRAE Engineer, coordinator of the Storage project at Meso@LR

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15PB global usable storage volume, delivered to over 60,000 users within the MUSE Foundation

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