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Precisely what is needed

Digitization of measurement and cloud-based data collection is changing how Testo creates testing equipment. A reliable data infrastructure gives engineers and software designers always-available access. Testo developers save time and shorten development cycles.

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Perfect tools for an imperfect world

When food is safe, drugs meet quality standards, heating systems run correctly, or art is stored air-conditioned, Testo tools help make it possible.   

The German company with 3,200 staff is a world leader in portable and in-place measurement solutions, measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, emissions and other metrics. More than 650,000 customers—from craft businesses to HVAC service providers to pharmaceutical corporations—rely on Testo’s hardware, software, and services.   

Testo specializes in digitization and smart measurement. Its IT team must be just as precise.

When you want to operate IT with a future like Testo, my advice is to take a close look at your needs and the possibilities of NetApp on-premises, hybrid, and in the cloud. It’s worth it.

Klaus Hurst, Senior Expert Data Center

To the future, with precision

Testo's IT department creates and operate IT services on-premises and in the cloud easily. The latest storage project, using a full range of NetApp offerings, shows where Testo is heading - to the future of measurement.

Testo, NetApp, and system integrator SVA developed the solution as one team.


  • 25 percent reduction in storage costs per year.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 20 tons per year.

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Get to know what NetApp customers already know: Right now, the smart move is a digital transformation made possible by a data fabric.

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