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eHealth NSW

: Transforming healthcare with cloud innovation

eHealth NSW relies on NetApp cloud solutions to meet rising healthcare digitization needs, keep sensitive data protected, provide better care to patients, and save $800k AUD annually.

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    • Digitized healthcare

    • delivered to 8.2 million patients at 228 hospitals

    • 1.8 petabyte

    • digital imagery repository with 25% annual growth effectively managed in the cloud

    • $800k AUD

    • annual savings

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NetApp enables better patient care

The global pandemic created an immediate need for comprehensive digitization in the healthcare industry essentially overnight. eHealth NSW, the NSW Health digital center of excellence, needed to act quickly to evolve their healthcare delivery models and digital infrastructure to ensure patients could still access safe, quality care even as needs and expectations where changing.

With NetApp technology, eHealth NSW deployed a cloud infrastructure that enabled them to quickly modernize and deploy applications to keep up with evolving patient needs, enable new approaches to patient care outside the traditional hospital setting, and facilitate collaboration among its clinicians.

Flexible, scalable, and secure data infrastructure

One of the first projects eHealth NSW undertook was migrating their 1.8 petabyte digital imagery repository to the cloud. The repository, which holds medical imaging data used to diagnose and treat patients, needed to be cost-effective, on-demand, and capable of scaling to match the data's 25% annual growth rate. To ensure a safe, secure, and seamless migration, eHealth NSW uses Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP.

The new cloud solution enables clinicians and care teams to collaborate across the health system and deliver more personalized care to patients and saves eHealth NSW $800k AUD annually.

We can now provision storage seamlessly, in a matter of minutes. It’s all about making the healthcare system more efficient.

Farhoud Salimi, Executive Director, Service Delivery eHealth NSW

eHealth NSW customer conversation

Watch the full interview to learn more about how IT saves lives at eHealth NSW.

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