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State Agency

Move to a cloud-based backup solution to consolidate and modernize data storage, thereby freeing up considerable space in the secondary data center.
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State Agency


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Cuts Costs, Moves to the Cloud, and Modernizes with NetApp

This state agency, which administers unemployment benefits and reemployment services for tens of thousands of residents throughout the state, faced increasingly stringent compliance requirements for record retention. It needed to maintain some of its data for 7 years, while other data needed to be stored permanently. This meant that the agency needed a dynamic, scalable data retention strategy that was also efficient and cost effective.

If we want to add more volumes, it’s seamless. We don’t need to get a new shelf. We’re not disrupted if something goes wrong. And that means time savings and cost savings. Expanding our NetApp ONTAP environment into the cloud has been a huge advantage for us.

State Agency IT Bureau Chief of Infrastructure

After careful consideration, the agency approached NetApp to explore the possibility of backing up its data to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This approach would allow the agency to consolidate and modernize its data storage, thereby freeing considerable space in its secondary data center.

In just a few hours after deployment, the migration process was underway. Within weeks – despite a small, restrictive pipe to the cloud – the agency migrated roughly 58TB of data and 85 volumes via NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP. This migration cleared out a rack and a half of space in the agency’s secondary data center.


The migration cleared out a rack and a half of space in the agency’s secondary data center providing significant cost savings and positioning the agency to modernize its entire IT infrastructure.

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