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Solomon Islands

Extend government services to more citizens, more reliably.
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Solomon Islands

Island network gets connected, Flexpod supports government data services.

The Solomon Islands is made up of more than 900 islands, but many services are only available in the capital of Honiara, or the municipality capitals. The ability to provide government services remotely was high on the government’s list of must-haves for the project.

New undersea cable connections to the outside meant more services could be offered, but the on-premise data needed to be secure and available too.

The Solomon Islands Government wanted a centralised, highly available on-premises solution, but with the ability to embrace cloud. FlexPod allows them to infinitely scale up and out. It’s designed to meet the needs of government over the next decade.

Troy Coker, Director and General Manager of NetApp business partner FLEXdata Solutions.

Pre-empting the arrival of undersea fibre, the Solomon Islands Government tasked FLEXdata Solutions to refresh its centralized FlexPod data centre, with the addition of comprehensive disaster recovery.


FlexPod on-premise deployment supports government activities with more manageability, disaster recovery and a future in the cloud.

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