NetApp helps leading mattress foam manufacturer sleep better at night

Sheela Foam improves resilience for critical ERP data .

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Sheela Foam is India’s largest manufacturer of mattress foam, and one of the largest foam producers in the world. Sheela Foam’s mattress brand, Sleepwell, is one of the most popular mattress retailers in India, generating $350M in revenue annually with around 10,000 stores across the country. 

The company depends on their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for every aspect of their business, from running and monitoring manufacturing to managing shipment and distribution to retail stores and partners across India. To maintain customer satisfaction and drive consistent sales, Sheela Foam needs reliable, high-performance storage. NetApp partnered with Sheela Foam to modernize their storage infrastructure and deliver 24/7 availability.

NetApp systems are very dependable, and it’s helped everyone at Sheela Foam sleep better at night.

Pertisth Mankotia, CIO, Sheela Foam

Maximizing availability for critical ERP systems 

Sheela Foam sought a data management partner that could support their crucial application environment. The company reached out to NetApp, which quickly provided a standby system with professional services to get it installed immediately. The NetApp® E-Series storage system helps Sheela Foam maintain business continuity, and it also provides improved enterprise data management capabilities. With E-Series, storage performance has increased by 2x, enabling massive optimizations in shop floor and supply chain efficiency as well as streamlined invoicing and transactions. This improved performance has increased customer satisfaction while increasing efficiency—with zero impact to production workloads. Users had no idea that a change to the storage event took place. 

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