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Sheela Foam: Delivering quality sleep solutions across India

NetApp storage maximizes Sheela Foam ERP availability and performance.

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    • 2x

    • storage performance improvement

    • 10,000

    • connected stores across India

Sheela Foam



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Better data storage means better sleep

As India's largest manufacturer of mattress foam, it's no surprise Sheela Foam's mattress brand, Sleepwell, is one of the most popular retailers in the country. With $350M in annual revenue and 10,000 stores across India, Sheela Foam depends on their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to manage and monitor every step of manufacturing, shipping, and distributing their products.

Sheela Foam trusts NetApp for reliable, high-performance storage and 24/7 availability. NetApp solutions enables Sheela Foam data to flow freely and securely through an integrated value chain, including end customers, distributors, retailers, and partners. Fast, available, and responsive data storage enables Sheela Foam to deliver better customer experiences — and quality sleep for customers across India.

NetApp systems are very dependable, and it helps everyone at Sheela Foam sleep better at night.

Pertisth Mankotia, CIO, Sheela Foam

Maximizing critical ERP systems now and in the future 

Sheela Foam's ERP system is a custom-built application that was running on legacy storage. To support growth and changing technical demands, Sheela Foam turned to NetApp to adopt a modern, robust, and agile hybrid flash storage system that could support their crucial application environment.

NetApp storage helps Sheela Foam maintain business continuity while improving data management capabilities. With NetApp, Sheela Foam has increased storage performance, enabled massive optimizations, and improved supply chain efficiency. Storage is easy to manage and reliable, eliminating the risk of unplanned downtime and contributing to greater customer satisfaction.

Products and solutions

ASA A250

Simple and reliable all-flash arrays

asa a250 NetApp device

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