Heavy AI lifting accessible to all

The big cloud hyperscalers have a new upstart cloud provider in Russia with the creation of the Christofari machine. Built on NVIDIA processors and NetApp ONTAP AI, the supercomputer is the first of its kind to bring cloud services to small and midsize startups throughout the region.

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Cloud services (with superpowers)

SberCloud has developed a cloud service called ML Space that is removing the financial and logistical barriers to AI and ML modeling. Christofari does all the heavy lifting.

According to Fedor Prokhorov, CTO of SberCloud, “From day one, we’ve planned the full capacity of the most powerful supercomputer in Russia to be fully available from the cloud, not just within Sber ecosystem, but to any other institution, state owned or private company and even private individuals.”

These workloads are large and extremely demanding. With ONTAP AI, we know that our storage will be able to keep pace with our NVIDIA DGX systems with the highest possible throughput and sub-millisecond latency.” “NetApp also enables us to reach up to 95% GPU utilization, so we know we are getting the most out of our investments in NVIDIA technology.

Fedor Prokhorov, CTO, SberCloud

Machine Learning made simple, accessible

Data scientists can spin up training workflows on demand without worrying about incurring infrastructure costs or management overhead. They spend more time modeling and virtually no time setting up infrastructure. Modeling time is reduced from several weeks to a few hours, depending on the model.

“We are taking all the burden of the time-consuming and demanding operational tasks off the shoulders of the data scientists,” Prokhorov said. “The automation and the intuitive graphical interface are changing the game and expanding the possibilities.”

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ML Space is the only service in the world that offers distributed model training and inference on more than 1,000 GPUs.

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