A transformation to Azure for public cloud creates opportunities to address climate change. Azure NetApp Files delivers greater performance and efficiencies that make progress possible.
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To reach net zero emissions, this Spanish energy company is counting on a digital transformation using Microsoft Azure and Azure NetApp Files

It’s not easy being an energy company. With climate change headlines, clean energy goals and complex global networks, both the day-to-operations and the long-term strategies can be overwhelming. But for Repsol, a multi-energy company based in Madrid and operating in 37 countries, it’s an exciting opportunity for transformation.

With Azure NetApp Files, we have seen amazing performance increases; simulations that took over a month, now are taking a few hours.

Juan Pedro Mandarano, Digital Transformation Engineer, Exploration and Production, Repsol

Repsol is using big data, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing and a global energy portfolio to support its massive clean energy transition.

Repsol has launched more than 190 digital transformation projects with 40 strategic partners to help reach net zero emissions by 2050. To get there, Repsol is using Microsoft Azure and Azure NeApp Files to speed up its business decisions, improve its modeling and help create a cleaner world.


Respol decision-makers have faster access to analysis of data – from management of assets at refinery operations to exploration for new petroleum deposits that maximize productivity. Today, exploration model simulations that took over a month now take just a few hours. Better modeling, less waste, cleaner exploration and development of resources. Thanks to Azure NetApp Files.

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