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Expands its SAP Customer Base and Service Portfolio using NetApp
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Delivers SAP Functionality to Clients Using a NetApp Infrastructure

To double its customer base annually while maintaining high-quality standards, customer satisfaction, and manageability, myBrand needed to expand and further improve efficiency of its Fujitsu and NetApp storage environment. It also needed to halt the practice of shutting down systems over several weekends every year for maintenance that required 20 people.

myBrand has set itself an objective to become the best-ranked SAP service provider, offering the best-in-class solution to our customers. We are convinced that we will need the NetApp software in order to reach this goal.

Han Schuitemaker Technology Architect, myBrand

With the help of Fujitsu, myBrand implemented a NetApp MetroCluster solution – a highly available, redundant business continuity solution that provides synchronous data replication between two sites, with the disaster recovery site containing a nearly real-time copy of the primary site – integrated within the Fujitsu FlexFrame infrastructure. MetroCluster is a feature of NetApp ONTAP management software.

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