Klinikum Freising safeguards data-driven hospital operations

Klinikum Freising is a municipal hospital that relies on NetApp ONTAP solutions to deliver business continuity, protect data, and accelerate digital hospital processes so it can focus on providing superior primary care for its patients.

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NetApp ONTAP solutions improve business continuity, protect all data, and accelerate digital hospital processes.

With 350 beds, 40,000 inpatient and outpatient cases, and about 1,000 births a year, Klinikum Freising is one of the smaller clinics in Germany. Despite limited financial means, it invests carefully to provide caring competence and retain top medical professionals. The hospital’s management plans strategically to integrate new medical specialties and experts, improve structures, and maximize the value of data.

Klinikum Freising knew that digitization requires more security from the data center core to the users’ clients, as well as powerful data storage performance. These requirements necessitated an update of the current NetApp® MetroCluster for all hospital data. From initial concept to implementation to financing, CANCOM was the partner chosen to execute this strategy.

We want our users to be unaware of IT and just be able to access and store their data—today, tomorrow, or 5 years from now. NetApp solutions just run, and the data is safe. We can meet the high demands of a data-driven hospital with a small team.

Maria Strey, Head of IT, Klinikum Freising

Protecting data more often and faster

Data backups are essential to any IT operation. Klinikum Freising has modernized its backup policies to increase frequency and archive duration while improving data recovery in the event of a loss.

Today, NetApp Snapshot technology backs up all data on the MetroCluster hourly, reducing the recovery point objective to 60 minutes. For longer-term retention, NetApp SnapVault® automatically replicates data copies to a FAS2720 system. File backups are now available for 6 months, rather than just 2 months. VMware backups now sit on a separate backup server for several months before being offloaded weekly to protect against unauthorized access.

Backups are much quicker now—5 times faster in the VMware environment and 6 times faster for Microsoft SQL. According to the vendor’s monitoring, the MEDICO KIS backups ran almost all night before the storage switch. Now backup windows are met easily.

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