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Klinikum Freising safeguards sensitive patient data

NetApp helps German hospital Klinikum Freising digitize data to deliver superior patient care


    • 6x

    • faster backups

    • Increased availability

    • 6-month backup availability (up from 2 months)

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    • efficiency guaranteed

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Digitizing healthcare services to expand patient care

As part of a multi-year modernization project, German municipal hospital Klinikum Freising expanded its technical infrastructure to make patient data more accessible to patients and care teams. The ongoing initiative creates comprehensive digital views of each patient that can be accessed on-demand, updated automatically, and stored securely.

To efficiently manage growing data volumes and meet digitization requirements, Klinikum Freising turned to NetApp to improve data security and storage performance. With NetApp, Klinikum Freising was able to quickly and efficiently close existing gaps in their digitization processes and provide better care to patients.

Faster data backups with stronger protections

NetApp solutions enable Klinikum Freising to run increased digital processes and workloads efficiently while also saving space. Even as patient data grows, NetApp solutions keep data volumes in check and properly protected with faster, more frequent backups.

The improved data backup process protects Klinikum Freising from malware attacks and financial liabilities. With clean backups ready for data recovery and rapid detection of anomalies, NetApp solutions meet the high demands of the hospital's digital future.

We want our users to be unaware of IT and just be able to access and store their data—today, tomorrow, or 5 years from now. NetApp solutions just run, and the data is safe. We can meet the high demands of a data-driven hospital with a small team.

Maria Strey, Head of IT, Klinikum Freising

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