NetApp HCI provides the capacity and speed to rapidly leverage massive volumes of real-time data, providing a competitive edge in racing while helping shape the next era of Ducati’s high-performance street motorcycles.
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Ducati Wins with NetApp HCI

In the competitive, fast-paced world of high-end motorcycle manufacturing, rapid innovation is the foundation to success. Ducati knew that the data being generated by its bikes around every turn and straightaway—both on the track and on the street—could be captured and used to optimize racing performance while helping elevate the 360-degree experience that the company delivers to customers worldwide.

Ducati equipped each of its MotoGP motorcycles with more than 60 physical sensors, generating a tremendous amount of real-time data. In an environment where a few thousands of a second can mean the difference between winning and coming in a close second, Ducati needed an infrastructure capable of capturing, storing, and very quickly transforming massive amounts of data into actionable insights the company could use to fine tune its high-performance machines. This infrastructure would also need to easily scale with demand and offer rock-solid stable performance. NetApp® HCI was the obvious choice.

NetApp has showed us the power of its comprehensive suite of solutions, from All Flash Storage Systems to HCI, to all opportunities offered by NetApp Cloud Data Services. The company has helped us capitalize on today’s business opportunities while we innovate for tomorrow.

Konstantin Kostenarov Chief Technology Officer, Ducati Motor Holding

Ducati needed the ability to rapidly analyze the data collected from the race bikes and apply the resulting insights to optimize bike performance. NetApp HCI allowed its engineers to conduct telemetry processing directly inside the box—on the track and in real time. This allowed Ducati to analyze data faster than ever before, resulting in more insights in less time, which greatly increased the chances for victory both on and off the track.


Process 300TB of data, provide a 30% reduction in time to market, and enable a more powerful local data center with 6x storage capacity, 4x compute power and higher storage throughput.

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