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Targeted advertising built on AI

Building AI demands high-performance storage. A hybrid cloud approach combines the best of performance, flexibility and cost for this Japanese media company. As a result, advertising is more targeted and served up with confidence.

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AI supports performance-based advertising

CyberAgent has promoted a growth strategy based around online advertising, gaming, and media. The company is known for its innovative AI-powered services for retail and healthcare, particularly digital advertising. In May 2020, CyberAgent shocked the industry by launching a predictive AI system that applies what it calls “effect prediction AI” to the production of advertising creatives.

To further accelerate AI development at a company-wide level, CyberAgent’s AI Business Unit has adopted the latest GPU server NVIDIA DGX A100 and the high-end NetApp AFF A800 All-Flash Array to construct a new AI learning platform using containers and Kubernetes. By linking cloud and on-premises environments, this platform provides twice the performance of a conventional cloud service at half the cost.

Using Trident enables dynamic storage provisioning from Kubernetes, so users don’t need to worry about storage, greatly improving the usability of our AI learning platform. When we found out how effective Trident could be, we knew it just had to be NetApp.

Masaya Aoyama, Infrastructure Engineer/Developer Expert, CyberAgent

Hybrid cloud for a rapidly evolving world

“In the rapidly evolving world of digital advertising, it’s no exaggeration to say that the competitiveness of your business depends on how well you leverage AI,” said Lee Yeongjae, AI Platform Project Manager.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) is a solution allowing the outstanding features of ONTAP data management software, like SnapMirror (replication), FlexClone (cloning), data deduplication and compression, to be used on a cloud platform like GCP or AWS.

“This enables data to be stored and leveraged optimally depending on the purpose, taking into account return on investment and latency. We want to promote the use of CVO and SnapMirror to get closer to an ideal hybrid environment linking cloud and on-premises environments,” Lee said.

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In addition to serving more targeted ads that generate higher revenue, the storage investments are resulting in 4x cost performance improvement.

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