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Banking with a name Ukrainian's trust

A data storage refresh provides an opportunity to improve customer service, application performance, and delivery of services. NetApp provides the fresh start.

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A trusted banking leader

When Credit Agricole Bank in Ukraine needed a storage refresh for enterprise applications and improved backup and recovery, they had few vendor options.

The bank’s IT staff was already familiar with NetApp® ONTAP storage management software, making NetApp the clear choice when an upgrade was needed. The NetApp FAS and MetroCluster investments were perfectly suited to support a rapid deployment of virtual desktops to respond to COVID-19. Hello, low risk and high reward.

NetApp wins in technologies, price, and performance.

Vitali Yurkov, Head of the IT Architecture Division, Credit Agricole Bank

Partners with insights are crucial

NetApp partner Netwave was the local systems integrator and IT business infrastructure partner for the project. The solution included an installation of NetApp FAS 9000 storage array hardware and NetApp MetroCluster for disaster recovery.

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Reduced backup from 3+ hours to less than one hour.

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