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Gives Enterprises Assurance of Data Sovereignty in the Cloud

BriteSky offers services that help its customers comply with data sovereignty law, no matter what cloud platforms they use. To provide greater data management flexibility, BriteSky uses NetApp Private Storage for Cloud in an Equinix data center with Equinix Cloud Exchange to keep data within Canada. This way, customers can use Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) platforms, yet still comply with law. No other cloud provider in Canada does this.

In the first phase of BriteSky's build-out, the ONTAP data management software provided the flexibility and the secure environment its customers required. The next phase, to serve customers requesting backup to the cloud, presented additional challenges. "It was just astronomical, the amount of data we had to deal with," Losier says. "We needed a platform that was better designed for that longer retention cycle of data and allowed the data to be replicated across multiple sites easily."

When we look at what our customers want, where IT is going, and what problems people are trying to solve, I look at the NetApp Data Fabric story and say, 'Finally, a solution'.

Richard Losier Vice President of Technology, BriteSky

StorageGRID object storage, with its geo-tagging capability, scalability, and simplified maintenance, was a perfect fit. It provided data governance for the myriad files—from images to video—that BriteSky's customers need to keep safe.

"No matter the type of dataset from our customers, StorageGRID worked extremely well. It easily dealt with the ingest of data being received every single day," says Losier.


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