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Börse Stuttgart

FlexPod enables the company to manage stock exchange volatility and data accuracy
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Börse Stuttgart

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Börse Stuttgart manages hundreds of thousands of financial transactions per second. Its customers depend on the exchange to provide a fair and orderly market with guaranteed liquidity for their investments. And, those customers demand instantaneous transaction capability.

Exchange officials understand that if any of those pieces are missing, traders will not come back. It would only take a single outage to tarnish its stellar 150-year reputation for reliability.

Innovation is our tradition. In this age of digitization, we rely on the most modern technologies—and the power of data—to offer groundbreaking trading options to our investors.

Peter Litschel CIO, Börse Stuttgart

To handle the continued growth and manage trading volatility inherent to marketplaces, Börse Stuttgart modernized its infrastructure with private cloud running on FlexPod. The converged infrastructure platform, built on technology from NetApp and Cisco, supports all areas of the exchange—from virtual desktops on the trading floor to virtualized applications generating billions of calculations each day to a 1PB database.

As the data infrastructure centerpiece of Börse Stuttgart’s private cloud, FlexPod keeps its dynamic environment running smoothly. The company operates two on-premises data centers in Stuttgart and two in Frankfurt, providing synchronous and geo-redundant data. It also launched a cryptocurrency trading application called BISON.


Manage 800,000 price updates a second, 50,000 new financial instruments opened daily, and offer 1PB of storage. Launch of a new cryptocurrency application

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