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Astra hands-on workshop: Explore Kubernetes-native application management with NetApp Astra

Astra and Kubernetes Series

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As Kubernetes adoption accelerates, protecting entire app workloads carries a lot of importance. App deployers require a one-touch, Kubernetes-native solution that can preserve stateful applications and all dependent resources.

Astra is NetApp's application-aware, data-management solution; purpose-built for Kubernetes.

Learn how Astra can enable Kubernetes app developers to handle data protection, disaster recovery and migration workflows directly through the platform layer on-prem and in the cloud. This hands-on session walks you through a number of daily operations that Astra handles and helps attendees understand the steps involved in consuming Astra for their on-prem Kubernetes clusters.

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Key takeaways

  • Astra is NetApp's answer to protect Kubernetes workloads and is offered as a fully managed service on clouds (Azure and Google Cloud), as well as on premises (as a self-managed solution).
  • Protecting Kubernetes applications require a solution that handles all Kubernetes resources and data that comprise an application.
  • Astra enables you to clone entire applications across namespaces, back them up to object stores automatically, and quiesce applications before taking point-in-time snapshots.
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Bala Ramesh Babu

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer

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