Always-on privacy and compliance controls

Automated controls for data privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and more. Driven by powerful artificial intelligence algorithms, NetApp® Cloud Compliance gets your business application data and cloud environments privacy ready. Does your storage vendor do that for you?

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Why NetApp Cloud Compliance?

Information could be anywhere and created by anyone

New regulations such as the GDPR and the CCPA have been enacted. The growing sensitivity to privacy and complex requirements have increased the need for built-in privacy controls.

Privacy and compliance when you need them most

NetApp® Cloud Compliance sets the standard for enhancing your organization's data privacy program with built-in and AI-driven data privacy controls. By enabling Cloud Compliance, you comply with global regulations and data retention policies, and you also protect your employees, one private record at a time.

Always-on privacy for ultimate protection

A privacy-by-default approach is crucial for complying with today’s privacy regulations and generating trust with customers and employees.

Powerful data insights, security, and reporting

Managing and securing private data wherever it resides is essential. With growing cloud complexity, companies need to understand data context and distribution, and have the right reporting tools to satisfy strict regulations.

How it works

NetApp® Cloud Compliance is easy to deploy. Simply activate your account, initiate the AI-driven analysis on your data, and then review the available reports to assess any required remediation steps.

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Empower data privacy and compliance teams

Generate required GDPR and CCPA subject access reports in minutes.

Generate data protection impact analysis reports

Easily view your data privacy and generate reports to share with your security, risk, and compliance teams.

Maintain constant control

Maintain visibility of all sensitive data on your systems to reduce the risk of privacy breaches.

Ensure that sensitive data is stored only where you want it

Enforce restrictions for sensitive data migration.

Use cases

Start your transformation with data, connected to your cloud, then accelerated for your business.

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Demonstrate data privacy compliance

NetApp® Cloud Compliance empowers enterprise storage and IT management teams to take control of data and deliver direct value to support data privacy compliance efforts in real time and with no extra effort.

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Service requests to access data subjects in minutes

NetApp® compliance and privacy controls generate automated reports that summarize the required information about entities in your systems, reducing the time to respond to subject access requests from days to minutes.

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Automated notification about privacy and compliance

With NetApp® Cloud Compliance, storage managers can automate communication with security and compliance teams, allowing information about the compliance program to be shared in real time.

Supported products

NetApp® Cloud Compliance supports your GDPR, CCPA, and other data compliance regulation efforts and helps automate data privacy in the cloud on a growing list of storage platforms.

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Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Efficient, multi-protocol data management across clouds

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Azure NetApp Files

High speed native file service for Azure.

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Amazon S3 object storage

AI-driven data discovery, classification and protection.


Unlike traditional solutions that depend on regular expressions and pattern matching, NetApp® Cloud Compliance uses AI to provide contextual understanding of data for accurate detection of personal or sensitive information.

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Set and forget

Predefined policies based on regulatory requirements: PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and more.

Driven by artificial intelligence

  • Designed for modern day data types and scale
  • Understands data context to provide robust and accurate sensitive data identification

Pattern identification, classification, and categorization

  • Identify a wide variety of personal data and sensitive personal information patterns.
  • Automate data categorization using predefined categories. 

Turnkey solution

Pre-defined parameters (Patterns, Categories and Policies)

Automated alerting and reporting

  • Automated Data Subject Access Request Reports
  • Automated Data Protection Impact Analysis Report
  • Automated alerts to identify potential compliance policy risks

Reduced TCO classification and categorization

  • Cloud Compliance is built into NetApp® Cloud Volumes (Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes ONTAP®) at no extra cost and extends your privacy program to the cloud.
  • Automate data identification and categorization to reduce cross- departmental collaboration efforts and resources in search of personal data.

Compliance pattern support

As defined by privacy regulations such as the GDPR, the CCPA, and others, NetApp® Cloud Compliance identifies a wide variety of personal data and sensitive personal information pattern categories.

General data

  • Email Address
  • CC Number​
  • IBAN​
  • IP Address
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National identifiers

  • USA Social Security number
  • German Tax Identification number​
  • U.K. National Insurance number​
  • Italian ID (Codice Fiscale)
See full list

Sensitive personal data

  • Criminal Procedures Reference​
  • Health Reference​
  • Religious Beliefs Reference​
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  • Finance
  • Human Resources​
  • Legal
  • Marketing
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