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Unstructured data management: The powerful key to driving GenAI innovation

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Darnell Fatigati
Darnell Fatigati

OK, so let’s set the stage. You are relying on your vast amounts of unstructured data to feed your generative AI and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) projects. But this unstructured data is a mess! It’s been mostly dormant, spread across silos in your organization. You have no idea what’s in it, and most likely there’s a lot of nonvaluable redundant, obsolete, and trivial data that can reduce the accuracy and usefulness of GenAI or RAG responses. You might also have sensitive and personal data in there that should not, by law, be improperly exposed. 

How can you get a handle on this data so that you can unlock its potential? 

As GigaOm points out in their latest Radar for Unstructured Data Management (UDM), you can look to UDM solutions to get that visibility and to help prepare your data for GenAI and RAG projects. UDM solutions extract value from untapped data assets and transform dormant data into readily searchable and interpretable assets. The data can then be used by AI to unearth deep insights, fuel informed decision-making, and exploit new market opportunities.

In addition to this newer AI use case, UDM solutions have become valued over the years for delivering many other benefits, such as optimizing storage costs, operationalizing compliance, and accelerating data migrations.

GigaOm’s Radar report examines and compares 24 of the top UDM solutions in the market. If you’re searching for a UDM solution, this report will help you make a more informed investment decision. It’s a must-read. 

NetApp’s AI-powered data intelligence stands out

We’re proud to announce that GigaOm recognized NetApp as a Leader and an Outperformer in unstructured data management for a third year in a row!

Sitting in the “Maturity/Platform Play” area of the Radar, NetApp, with its BlueXP classification service, was lauded for its continual innovation and enhanced AI capabilities. GigaOm emphasized its: 

  • Comprehensive set of functionalities that extend beyond basic data cataloging to address diverse data governance needs 
  • Advanced capabilities in contextual analysis and automated data categorization, making valuable insights available to enable intelligent data management decisions 
  • Excellent hybrid multicloud support, allowing it to scan and analyze data across on-premises and cloud repositories—providing a unified solution for organizations managing dispersed data estates 
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A five-star service

NetApp® BlueXP™ classification scored five out of five stars in the areas that matter most to our customers: manageability and ease of use, performance, scalability, flexibility, ecosystem support, and architecture, with a superior rating for AIOps and model training. 

When it comes to manageability and ease of use, the classification service was specifically commended for its seamless integration within BlueXP, which enhances usability and streamlines data management tasks within the broader NetApp ecosystem. BlueXP received the highest score for its workload orchestration capabilities, too. 

Get your free copy of the GigaOm Radar report today, and see how BlueXP classification excels at helping you achieve your AI priorities. 

Darnell Fatigati

Darnell Fatigati is a senior product marketing manager for NetApp’s Cloud Data Services with over 20 years of experience in technology, IT services, and telecom. Her focus is helping customers understand how to gain visibility and insight into their data so they can optimize their IT infrastructure, efficiently migrate to the cloud, maintain regulatory compliance, and enhance their cybersecurity posture.

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