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Education is about reaching students and teaching lessons. IT and a data infrastructure are just tools to do it. Cloud Data Sense helps a college in Florida gain focus.

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Cloud Data Sense in Higher Education

We majored in data

A small college in South Florida serving a highly-specific student body profile needed to put its focus on serving students’ needs, not managing IT. When the decision was made to migrate from a small on-premises data center to a fully managed solution provided by NetApp partner Veytec, there was an opportunity for additional cost saving by reducing the amount of data stored.

Cloud Data Sense helped the college save more than 50% on storage costs by identifying stale, duplicate, and non-business-related data.


Big data savings in the cloud

NetApp Cloud Data Sense was used to not only identify the permissions needed to migrate and secure the data accurately to the cloud, it was used to identify old data that could be deleted, increasing data security, reducing the volume of data managed, and reducing the overall cost of storage by more than 50 percent.

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A reduction in data volume from 10TB to approximately 4TB
A reduction of over 50 percent in storage costs

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