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Yale University elevates their hybrid cloud services

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Michelle Rudnicki

The future of academics is here, and NetApp is helping colleges and universities around the world drive educational excellence.

For a leading higher education institution like Yale University, success depends on data. NetApp has partnered with Yale to design a modernized, next-generation data management infrastructure to help the university expand its service offerings and become more competitive. Read on to learn how Yale has implemented the NetApp® portfolio to support academic functions and communities.

Providing a solid data management foundation

NetApp is tightly integrated with Yale’s enterprise storage foundation, covering most of the university’s facilities and hybrid cloud services. Their workloads span a variety of use cases for NAS, FAS, and backup and recovery, including VMware, Oracle, SQL, and file services. The university’s broad NetApp portfolio covers a whopping 30PB of capacity, and they leverage a web of interconnected NetApp products and solutions across their environment.

By using a sophisticated tiering system, Yale can be sure that their users are getting the performance and capacity they need, when they need it, without worrying about overprovisioning or going over budget. This innovative capability depends on the university’s modern environment, which is built on NetApp FabricPool. This solution enables the university to meet all the needs of its internal users with a high-performance tier and a SATA tier for offloading cold data. With FabricPool, the university provides much higher performance than their traditional environment while extending their capacity capabilities and keeping costs low.

Enabling rock-solid cyber resilience

The threat of cyberattacks is growing exponentially every year. Universities generate a massive amount of confidential data, which makes them prime targets for intrusion and theft. To combat threats like ransomware, Yale needed to secure their environment across all endpoints.

The university depends on NetApp to make sure that their users and applications are protected at all times. By using a next-generation ransomware scanner, the university knows that their data is safe from ransomware, whether at rest or in flight. Yale also leans heavily on NetApp SnapCenter® to protect their virtualization and database environments, including VMware and Oracle. Although many solutions on the market provide data protection capabilities for these workloads, only NetApp offers the enterprise-grade features the university needs while keeping footprint manageable and budgets under control. By using SnapCenter for backup and restore, the university can simplify and accelerate recovery directly from vCenter, saving valuable time in the event of a cyberattack. If a database is impacted, the team can simply go back into the database restore, reapply the archive logs, and they’re back in business.

At the volume level, the university has various retention settings that enable them to stay within strict governance guidelines without increasing cost. Depending on the needs of each individual application or workload, the university can make sure that the level of granularity is exactly what the data requires, which also simplifies data protection.

As the university continues their journey to modernize their data protection environment, they are testing new functionality for moving data to and from the cloud. Using technology like NetApp SnapMirror®, IT teams at the university can easily browse Snapshot™ copies and bring them back on demand, a capability that is not possible with a traditional backup application.

Take the next step—learn more about our partnership with Yale University

Watch this video from NetApp INSIGHT® to learn more about how NetApp is helping Yale University modernize their data management and protect their data from the latest threats.

Michelle Rudnicki

Michelle Rudnicki serves as Vice President of NetApp’s U.S. Public Sector business where she focuses on supporting government’s important and complex missions. She is passionate about and dedicated to helping public sector clients find technology solutions to manage their data most effectively and migrate to the cloud in this era of distributed, dynamic, and diverse data. She is responsible for leading the team to achieve strategic, financial, operational, and business objectives as they relate to NetApp's public sector customers and channels.

Prior to NetApp, Michelle served as the vice president of Public Sector at Virtustream. Before that, she enjoyed a long tenure at IBM in leadership roles – including VP of Federal Systems - that spanned decades working with public sector clients to transform the way they interacted with their clients, citizens, and patients, progressing their digital services through the use of technology such as analytics, cognitive computing, mobile, and cloud.

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