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When ransomware attacks, will your data defenses be ready?

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Keith Aasen
Keith Aasen

You know that ransomware is a big problem. As in, a $20-billion-per-year problem in 2021. You’ve probably thought a lot about how to protect your data—but hackers can easily outsmart basic data defenses. This multilayered threat requires a multilayered solution, creating a force field that even the most persistent criminals can’t breach. 


Fortunately, you’re not in the fight alone. Our solutions for ransomware arm your data for the critical levels of a ransomware attack—those closest to your data. Join us as we put our defenses to the test on the virtual battlefield. 

Level 1: The perimeter attack

With a level 1 attack, spammers and phishers will probably target your perimeter. Although most will be bounced by blockers and a firewall, a scammer might break through the perimeter and go for your data. Fortunately, your administrators will quickly wipe out the scammer, and Cloud Secure point-in-time recovery will restore your data to its state before the attack. 

Level 2: An imposter among us

More advanced criminals won’t just make a direct attack—they’ll sneak in with a little espionage. A compromised administrator might look like a trusted user, but they can covertly destroy a lot of data really fast. This more sophisticated attack requires additional protection. NetApp® SnapLock® compliance software makes your data indestructible with backup copies that scammers can’t touch. Even if the imposter administrator sneaks past the perimeter, those backup copies aren’t open for business. 

Level 3: Ransomware’s last stand

The cleverest rogue administrators might sneak past all your defenses undetected. They’re considered safe users—until they seek to destroy. So how can you stop them? With multi-admin verification. With this added layer of defense, the rogue administrator can’t do anything until another administrator verifies that the action is legitimate. So: Nice try, rogue administrator. With this third level of protection, your data is yours alone—hackers will be left licking their wounds. 

Ransomware is no match for cyber resilience

With a cyber-resilience strategy, data protection and security are baked into your defense. Hackers won’t know what to do when facing your hybrid cloud—because it’s armed with solutions that protect against attacks, proactively detect threats, and quickly recover data if something goes wrong.

Check out our solutions for ransomware and discover how to make your infrastructure ransomware’s worst nightmare. 

Keith Aasen

Keith has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Calgary where he also studied Electrical Engineering. He joined NetApp in 2008 as the Virtualization Specialist for Canada. In the role he has assisted with and designed storage solutions for some of Canada’s largest banks, energy companies, insurance companies as well as provincial and federal governments. He now Senior Manager on the ONTAP Product Management team.

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