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What’s New with OnCommand System Manager 9.5?

Mahalakshmi G
Mahalakshmi G

OnCommand System Manager 9.5 bundled with ONTAP 9.5 has come with lot of simplicity improvements. In this blog, you can quickly learn what’s new with System Manager 9.5, that can be an add-on benefit to simplify your day to day operations.

SnapMirror Synchronous (SM-S):

SnapMirror Synchronous allows user to replicate volume level – data, cross a Wide Area Network connection with zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and very low Recovery Time Objective (RTO). This helps to address regulatory and industry mandated needs for synchronous replication. SnapMirror Synchronous will have two different modes available in the initial release.


  •     Read and write to primary denied, if any failure in replication at secondary


  •      Read and write to primary will continue without any disruption

In the initial release of SnapMirror Synchronous, NFSv3, iSCSI and FCP will be supported. Licensing will be capacity-based, in addition to the base SnapMirror® license.

With System Manager 9.5, users can configure SnapMirror Synchronous relationships at Volume level so simply in few clicks. Intuitive “Help me choose” helps users to select relationship based on the requirements on Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Disaster Recovery (DR) and backup.


Watch the demo to understand how users can configure SnapMirror Synchronous relationship in System Manager GUI.

SVM-Disaster Recovery:

NetApp introduced SVM level disaster recovery starting from ONTAP 8.3. User can setup SVM level Disaster Recovery only via Command Line interface until 9.4.

OnCommand System Manager 9.5 bundled with ONTAP 9.5 provides a simplified and smart workflow to setup SVM Disaster Recovery. To Setup SVM DR via System Manager, ensure both the source and destinations clusters have SnapMirror® license, peered and has ONTAP version 9.5 or above.

Launch System Manager 9.5, Initiate SVM DR workflow from the destination site. System Manager automatically populates most of the values in the workflow based on best practices.

Watch the OnCommand System Manager 9.5 SVM Disaster Recovery demo that showcases initiating SVM DR and operations performed in case of fail over scenario


NVMe is a standard communication protocol primarily developed for SSD drives in order to provide low latency and high throughput for flash-based network storage.

System Manager 9.5, enhanced management capability for NVMe protocol in a simpler way. User can configure protocol in a single screen and allows creation and management of NVMe Subsystems and Namespaces. It requires license to enable NVMe in cluster.

Watch NVMe end to end demo that covers configuration, mapping of namespaces to host and performance graphs for the workload running on namespace.


FabricPool provides the most substantial integration between on-prem and cloud, to produce the technically elegant solution with deep business impact. It allows NetApp ONTAP system to keep hot data on All-Flash but tier inactive cold data off onto low-cost object storage, either on-premise or in the cloud. Automatic tiering of inactive data to the public and private cloud maximizes performance and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

OnCommand System Manager 9.5 allows tiering of FlexGroup data as well and enhanced support for configuration of new Cloud Tiers such as Amazon Commercial Cloud Services and IBM Cloud.

Watch the demo to learn how you can configure cloud tier in System Manager.

FlexGroup Support

FlexGroup is NetApp's solution for high file count, metadata intensive NFS and SMB workloads requiring massive capacity and predictable low latency. With System Manager 9.5, FlexGroup management and protection is made so easy with simplified workflows. The chart below to understand supported FlexGroup workflows over releases.

Application Granular Data Management (AppDM) enhancements:

ONTAP 9.5 delivers better simplicity with application-aware data management for Microsoft SQL server over SMB and allows resize of application.

  • Supported Applications
    • Generic NAS
    • General SAN
    • MongoDB
    • Oracle
    • Oracle RAC
    • Microsoft SQL server (SAN, SMB)
    • Virtual Servers
    • Virtual Desktop

Memory-optimized File system offers very low latency and flash provides high capacity. System Manager automatically discovers applications created by MAX data host and provides full management and protection capability for data that gets tiered from MAX data host to AFF.

Automated Non-Disruptive Upgrade (ANDU) enhancements:

With ONTAP 9.4, the upgrade is made much easier. The user can directly download the ONTAP image to the local client system and upload this image to System Manager for cluster upgrades. System Manager 9.5 provides support for upgrading MetroCluster Configuration.

For more information, refer resources below:

Mahalakshmi G

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