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What NetApp Partners Should Know About Private Cloud

Meghan Cevey

These days, it would be easy to think that the public cloud is the only storage solution worth investing in. As new app deployment continues to move away from traditional IT to new DevOps groups, the public cloud gives developers immediate and direct access to infrastructure resources and to developer-friendly platform resources without having to hassle with IT.

For NetApp partners like you, this shift means helping customers make a major move away from on-premises storage, right? Not so fast. Even as DevOps teams build new apps on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Azure, there are still plenty of legacy systems that are impractical to move to the public cloud. In addition to those legacy systems, there is a substantial amount of data that has already been produced that can’t be easily moved. To work effectively, all those new public cloud–based apps often must interact with legacy on-premises apps, requiring further on-premises development. When your customers consider this requirement along with the high cost of public cloud usage, many of them start to realize that there’s still value in on-premises storage. At the same time, it’s understandable that no one wants to adopt yesterday’s operating models to build tomorrow’s apps.

One solution for your customers is to work with a major public cloud provider to create a hybrid approach. While making it fast and simple to get on-premises cloud capabilities, this approach creates a “walled garden” that keeps your customers’ apps and capabilities tied to a single vendor’s overall ecosystem. It also limits application architecture to one set of proprietary services.

For many of your customers, those restrictions and limitations are a nonstarter. Their modern DevOps approach calls for workloads to be portable and agnostic, working as well on the premises as they do in the cloud, and without vendor lock-in.

NetApp® technology helps you offer customers another way of meeting their on-premises and cloud needs. We offer a portfolio of private cloud products and solutions that are delivered by the NetApp Data Fabric and hybrid cloud infrastructure. You can give customers the ability to create and run modern applications on the premises, in a public cloud, or any combination of the two.

By using NetApp solutions to help your customers build their own private cloud, you can help them achieve several benefits, including:

  • Complete integration that enables customers to start anywhere, to run anywhere, and to manage everywhere through a shared experience across public and private clouds
  • A common consumption experience across clouds that helps development teams build new services faster
  • The ability to use NetApp’s open and flexible products to leverage best-in-class solutions from multiple vendors while future-proofing investments
  • Self-service that simplifies how users consume, deploy, and manage infrastructure
  • Automation that takes care of all the complexities of cloud, so customers can focus on what’s most important to their business
  • Predictive and proactive analytics through the NetApp Active IQ® intelligence engine, which uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and NetApp community wisdom to deliver deeper insights into customers’ data management environment
Are you ready to learn how you can help your customers get the most out of the private cloud? For some background, review IDC’s perspective: The Evolution of Hyperconvergence and NetApp's Role in This Rapidly Expanding Market. And check out the NetApp brief Deliver Private Cloud at Scale with NetApp HCI and read the blog post: Why Is Private Cloud a Key Strategy for NetApp Partners?

Meghan Cevey

Meghan Cevey is the Channel Strategist for the Americas Cloud Infrastructure sales team responsible for driving channel adoption of the NetApp portfolio. She specifically focuses on NetApp’s HCI solution which provides customers with the most efficient and robust hybrid cloud infrastructure in the market today. In 2007, Meghan joined NetApp as a Field Marketing Manager supporting the Northeast Region. Over the past twelve years Meghan has held various roles within NetApp in the Field Marketing and Channel organizations. Her roles have spanned multiple regions across the country. Prior to being named the Cloud Infrastructure Channel Strategist, Meghan was the Channel Development Manager leading the channel strategy for the Global Financial Region out of New York City. Meghan took the role of Channel Strategist in May 2018, blending field experience and diverse perspectives from the marketing and sales organizations to help power the NetApp channel transformation and adoption of hybrid cloud solutions. Prior to NetApp, Meghan was a top performing sales manager in a global events and advertising agency based in NYC and Bristol, England. She is fluent in Spanish and holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Tennessee. Meghan is very active in various charities, including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, an organization very close to her heart.

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