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Voice of a FlexPod Customer: Achieving Superior Scalability

Natalia Eichinger
Natalia Eichinger

One of the most consequential IT projects you can undertake today is to digitally transform your approach to data centre management, developing a strategy that will enable your business to thrive in the new era of big data. But getting your digital transformation to succeed isn’t always easy. Not only do you need to know where your current approach is falling short and how to weigh your alternatives, you also have to understand what it will take to adopt a different approach.

So how do you do that? By starting out with a bit of unbiased feedback from your peers.

That’s why we’re launching this new blog series highlighting reviews written by real, verified customers of ours on IT Central Station—to give you the perspective you need to make even better-informed IT decisions.

First up: how the FlexPod® data centre solution from NetApp and Cisco helped one customer achieve superior scalability.

About the Reviewer

The reviewer is a network administrator at a tech services enterprise with more than 10,000 employees. They use FlexPod in their on-premises production environment.

What They Gained with FlexPod

Since switching to FlexPod, the administrator has gained two major benefits: the ability to scale and increased flexibility.

They are now able to scale as needed, better positioning the enterprise to reach the application performance levels required to run mission-control workloads. So far, they have seen a stunning 15% to 20% improvement in application performance.

“There is a huge improvement, between 15% and 20%, in application performance.”

Thanks to FlexPod, the administrator has also been able to boost flexibility. How? Because it connects to the many critical Cisco devices they depend on, FlexPod has helped them establish a highly diverse IT environment.

Beyond the scalability and flexibility benefits, the reviewer additionally praised the seamless FlexPod technical support experience that brings together NetApp and Cisco.

What the Initial Setup Looked Like

Initial setup was straightforward, allowing the reviewer to reduce application deployment time by approximately 5%.

“This solution reduces our application deployment time by approximately 5%.” 

Throughout the process, the administrator collaborated with trusted service provider WWT, a long-standing NetApp® technology partner.

Parting Thoughts

By bringing FlexPod on board, this network administrator added three valuable features to the IT environment of their tech services enterprise:

  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Cooperative customer support

Rating it 9 out of 10 overall, the reviewer highly recommends FlexPod.

For the full review, head over to IT Central Station.

Natalia Eichinger

Natalia Eichinger is a senior product marketing manager for the NetApp StorageGRID object storage solution. Before joining NetApp in 2018, Natalia worked at Microsoft, performing various roles in marketing, working with technical audiences, and looking after the Enterprise Mobility and Security product portfolio.

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