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Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 200: Cloud, Mentoring and Comics

Justin Parisi

This week on the podcast, we celebrate our 200th episode by inviting some old friends back to talk about cloud, mentoring and comics!

Join us as we welcome:

  • Kaslin Fields (@kaslinfields) - Cloud Advocate, Oracle
  • Glenn Sizemore (@glnsize) - Technical Marketing for VMware's Storage and Availability
  • Jonathan Rippy (@jkrippy) - Trident Developer, NetApp

Each week, the Tech ONTAP Podcast discusses all-things NetApp, interviews subject-matter experts, and provides insights into the storage industry. Follow the host on Twitter: Justin Parisi. Subscribe to the podcast on SoundCloudStitcheriTunes, or YouTube, or like us on Facebook.

Justin Parisi

Justin Parisi is an ONTAP veteran, with over 10 years of experience at NetApp. He is co-host of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast, Technical Advisor with the NetApp A-Team and works as a Technical Marketing Engineer at NetApp, focusing on FlexGroup volumes and all things NAS-related.

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