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StorageGRID helps your business be compliant

StorageGRID is now NF203 Digital Safe and ISO25051 certified

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Ahmad Edalat
Ahmad Edalat

When it comes to evaluating the overall safety of an enterprise software solution, there are a number of robustness and resilience requirements that our customers require us to meet.

An important component that defines resilience and robustness is the digital safety score of a given software solution. Here are some common questions and concerns when evaluating the digital safety score of an enterprise software product:

  • Does the software provide proof of required executed functions?
  • Does the software log all of the executed functions?
  • Does the software authorize all of the executed functions to ensure the integrity of requests being made?
  • And many more...

NetApp® StorageGRID® is a software-defined enterprise object storage solution that is widely deployed around the world to meet both complex regulatory and digital safety requirements.

We are pleased to announce that NetApp StorageGRID is now the only object storage solution that is NF203 Digital Safe and ISO25051 certified.

InfoCert awarded the certificate after completing a detailed evaluation of all StorageGRID digital safety components. View the certificate (Product -> NetApp StorageGRID).

InfoCert is a specialist in software certification. The certification rules developed by InfoCert are widely recognized by both professionals and regulatory authorities around the world as a standard for software compliance. NF203 certification is a standard that customers in France recognize as an important element showing technology compliance with French regulations.

ISO/IEC 25051 is an international standard that gives StorageGRID users confidence that the software will perform as offered and delivered.

Learn more about NetApp StorageGRID.

Ahmad Edalat

Ahmad is a Technical Marketing Engineer in NetApp's Foundational Data Services Business Unit working on NetApp StorageGRID (On premise Object Storage). He holds a computer engineering degree from Simon Fraser University. He has a deep passion for emerging technologies and S3 / object storage in particular. He focuses on performance and partner integration testing of StorageGRID and partner applications. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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