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Speed, Scale, & Simplicity: You Can Now Have It All with StorageGRID

Ashley Hemmen

Speed. Scale. Simplicity. Pick three. To meet the increasing demand for object storage, NetApp® StorageGRID® has risen to the occasion with three new appliance options. And because StorageGRID appliances can be mixed and matched in your existing environment, you really can have all three. Here’s an introduction to the newest members of the StorageGRID family. 

Speed: SGF6024

Accelerate your object workloads with the industry’s first scale-out all-flash object appliance. Built for next-generation object workloads in analytics and IoT, StorageGRID is ready to handle small objects at high concurrencies. The SGF6024 delivers speed not typically associated with object workloads. It can be added to existing grids to provide pools of fast object storage, or used to build all-flash grids with a minimum of three appliances. With a variety of densities, ranging from 800GB SSDs to 15.3TB SSDs, consumers have options for speed not previously seen with object workloads. What could you do with flash in your object environment?  

Scale: SG6060

The SG6060 is already a thriving member of the StorageGRID family, and now it can scale to new heights with multishelf deployments. That means you can buy a single SG6060 appliance with one or two expansion shelves to scale a single namespace to over 400PB—an important capability for media use cases and customers with large objects. The SG6060 balances cost and speed with the most cost-effective performance-to-scalability ratio in the StorageGRID portfolio.  

Simplicity: SG1000

The SG1000 is the first services appliance in the StorageGRID family, streamlining large deployments by providing both high-availability (HA) load balancing and improved grid administration (by hosting the admin node for the namespace) on a single set of nodes. When deployed in pairs, the services appliance can provide HA across sites while still offering the flexibility to operate as a load balancer, an administrative node, or both simultaneously. With the introduction of the SG1000, it is now possible to deploy an all-appliance grid for the first time. The SG1000 also sets the stage for future high-value services such as advanced quality of service and smart routing.     Do you want to see how these new appliances stack up with the rest of the StorageGRID family? Check out the specs on the datasheet or the StorageGRID webpage, where you can learn about the additional StorageGRID software capabilities and integrations that help enable your hybrid multicloud as part of your own data fabric. 

Ashley Hemmen

Ashley is a Product Marketing Manager at NetApp, leading go-to-market activities for StorageGRID. She previously spent over two years marketing products enabled by Element software, namely SolidFire and NetApp HCI, giving her a well-rounded understanding of NetApp’s Cloud Infrastructure product portfolio. When she is not behind her computer, Ashley loves the Colorado outdoors, beaches, adventures, and chocolate chip cookies.

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