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Get outstanding scalability and efficiency with SAN-optimized FlexPod


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Bruno Messina
Bruno Messina

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking storage solutions that deliver high performance, efficiency, and scalability. The SAN-optimized FlexPod® solution, combined with NetApp® All SAN Array (ASA) block storage arrays, offers a powerful combination that brings together the benefits of optimized storage, networking, robust data protection, and unparalleled versatility. But that's just the beginning. If you're curious about how SAN-optimized FlexPod with ASA block storage can enhance performance, achieve cost savings, gain full-stack reliability, simplify IT operations, and drive innovation, here are the top 5 reasons.


The gold standard in block storage

SAN-optimized FlexPod is built on a foundation of more than 240 full-stack reference architectures, covering a wide range of enterprise, modern, and hybrid block workloads. This extensive verification process means that FlexPod can meet the specific needs of your applications, providing the gold standard of block protocol solution support. From healthcare to database, virtualization, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and hybrid cloud, FlexPod is designed and tested to deliver optimal performance, security, and reliability across diverse environments. It also gives you the advantage of one-call support and more than 60 end-to-end vSphere-optimized and vSphere alternatives like Red Hat OpenShift.

Secure-by-design reference architectures

SAN-optimized FlexPod offers full-stack, secure-by-design reference architectures that incorporate a Zero Trust philosophy. With this approach, trust is not assumed, but rather verified at every level of the solution. From compute and networking to virtualization and storage, FlexPod provides a secure foundation for your infrastructure, protecting your critical data and applications. FlexPod is also the only hardened converged infrastructure validated to store top-secret data. In addition, SAN-optimized FlexPod offers integrated data protection and leading data security features, backed by the NetApp Ransomware Recovery Guarantee.

Lightning-fast performance

With SAN-optimized FlexPod, businesses can accelerate performance with lightning-fast response times and millions of IOPS, combined with the latest AMD and Intel server processors through Cisco UCS. This high-performance architecture means that applications and workloads run smoothly, delivering a seamless user performance experience.

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Six nines data availability guarantee

With a SAN-optimized ASA array for FlexPod, data is always available to mission-critical applications through the NetApp Six Nines Data Availability Guarantee for the ASA arrays. This guarantee gives businesses the confidence that their data will be accessible and reliable, minimizing the risk of downtime and maximizing business continuity. To this ASA uptime guarantee, FlexPod adds end-to-end testing, dual pathing, and redundancy throughout its design. In addition, FlexPod accommodates data and compute growth with nondisruptive scalability, enabling businesses to scale their infrastructure without the need to replace existing systems or rewire networks.

Simplified storage management and cost optimization

FlexPod simplifies storage management and optimizes costs through unified management across the hybrid cloud. Businesses can streamline their storage operations, reducing complexity and improving efficiency. Additionally, FlexPod offers a 4:1 Storage Efficiency Guarantee through ASA, helping businesses to optimize storage utilization and reduce costs.

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SAN-optimized FlexPod with ASA block storage arrays offers a powerful solution for businesses seeking high performance, efficiency, cost savings, and innovation. With its extensive verification, one-call support, secure-by-design approach, and integration with the hybrid cloud, FlexPod empowers businesses to optimize their data infrastructure, drive growth, and stay at the forefront of technology. The lightning-fast performance, data availability guarantees, scalability, data protection, simplified management, and VMware optimization further solidify FlexPod as a top choice for businesses in today's data-driven world.

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Bruno Messina

Bruno Messina joined NetApp in 2018 and works in product marketing for FlexPod. His previous experience includes a career in product marketing of UCS servers for Cisco Systems and Solaris server marketing and competitive analysis at both Oracle and Sun Microsystems, where he joined in 2000. Bruno spent ten years in various roles of competitive analysis and product management at Sun Microsystems, leading analysis in both the workgroup and enterprise servers. Prior to Sun Microsystems, Bruno spent time finishing his MBA education and worked for two years at Cadence working on product marketing for both board-level and board timing tools. Bruno holds both a BSEE and MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y.

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