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Time to migrate SAP HANA to the cloud? Let Azure and NetApp help with the heavy lifting

Simplify your SAP cloud migration with Azure NetApp Files.

time to migrate SAP HANA

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Robert Cox
Robert Cox

Any organization that relies on SAP knows that the clock is ticking on SAP HANA migration. SAP will end support for current software in 2027, and after that, customers must migrate to SAP S/4HANA if they want to maintain current levels of service and updates.

With the move, enterprises will be able to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of SAP S/4HANA to become more competitive and agile. SAP S/4HANA was designed for enterprises looking to make the most of the cloud. And many customers are choosing to migrate sooner— well in advance of the SAP deadline—as organizations realize that digital transformation can’t wait.

SAP and Azure build strength on strength

Azure is the cloud of choice for SAP workloads, providing a resilient, robust, and reliable environment for SAP applications. When enterprises run SAP solutions on Azure, they gain the benefits of predictive insights; flexibility and scalability; best-in-class security, compliance, and business continuity; and a continually growing set of Azure cloud services. Microsoft and SAP have worked together closely for decades, and they’ve collaborated to create a seamless process for SAP cloud migration.

However, even with the clear benefits of Azure, SAP data migration to the cloud isn’t a simple proposition. Cloud migrations are complex, and moving large volumes of sensitive data brings security risks and the possibility of unplanned and expensive downtime. To make the most of your migration, you need to do some careful planning—and use the right tools.

Solutions for SAP migration support

Azure NetApp Files, a native Azure file storage service, offers solutions that simplify the SAP cloud migration process by helping to move and synchronize data easily, quickly, and securely.

Azure NetApp Files with NetApp Cloud Sync

Azure NetApp Files, the only enterprise file service native to Azure, provides a proven solution to help enterprises successfully migrate SAP to Azure and optimize SAP operations. Azure NetApp Files was the first Azure file storage service certified for use with SAP HANA. In fact, SAP itself has realized significant benefits from using Azure NetApp Files for its own Azure migration.

As a fully managed cloud service that’s sold and supported by Microsoft Azure, Azure NetApp Files can be provisioned and managed directly from the Azure portal, making it simple to use. The solution was built for running high-performance workloads, such as SAP, in the Azure cloud. So, in addition to simplifying SAP deployments on Azure, it also takes on the load of optimizing SAP performance. This includes not only durability, data protection, and high availability but also scalability on demand and business continuity.

Get the boost you need for SAP cloud migration

Although SAP data migration to Azure can be a daunting prospect, it also represents an important chance for enterprises to move into the future. But you don’t have to do it alone. NetApp® offers the tools and expertise you need for a smooth ride to the other side of cloud migration, where opportunities await.

Want to learn more about migrating SAP to Azure? Let’s talk.

Robert Cox

Robert is a senior product marketing manager with over 20 years of product marketing and product management experience. He is focused on NetApp’s Cloud Data Services, working to enable customers to deliver business outcomes for all IT workloads in cloud, multicloud, and hybrid cloud environments. Robert is an avid cyclist and loves to be outdoors.

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