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FlexPod with SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration

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Sriram Sagi
Sriram Sagi

FlexPod is a secure converged infrastructure platform for your applications need from edge to core to cloud. With FlexPod customers can manage a suite of cloud-native, edge and enterprise apps.

FlexPod for flexibility, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

FlexPod with SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration (TDI) is an efficient approach for deployment of SAP HANA in your data center. TDI offers more flexibility than SAP HANA appliances do, allowing you to use your own hardware and infrastructure components. By using the FlexPod with SAP HANA TDI approach for deployment, you gain the following critical benefits:

  • Flexibility. FlexPod enables you to use your existing hardware and infrastructure to run SAP HANA. You can customize your infrastructure to meet your specific requirements and scale up or down as you need to.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Because FlexPod allows you to use your existing investments in hardware and infrastructure, it reduces the overall cost of SAP HANA deployment.
  • High availability. FlexPod provides high availability through features such as hardware redundancy, clustering, and data replication. Your system remains available even if hardware failures occur.
  • Data protection. With FlexPod, you get data protection through backup and recovery, data encryption, and disaster recovery. Your data remains secure and protected.
  • Scalability. FlexPod allows organizations to quickly scale their IT resources up or down as needed to meet changing business requirements and support growth.
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FlexPod with SAP HANA TDI deployment

SAP HANA TDI with FlexPod is a powerful combination that can provide significant benefits for businesses. However, to ensure optimal performance and reliability, it is important to follow specific guidelines and best practices when deploying this solution. To help you follow these best practices and guidelines, Cisco and NetApp teams collaborated and published the FlexPod Datacenter with Cisco UCS X-Series for SAP HANA TDI Design Guide. This document gives you the design details for incorporating the Cisco UCS X-Series modular platform into FlexPod Datacenter for SAP HANA TDI implementations. It also explains the platform’s ability to manage and to orchestrate FlexPod components from the cloud by using Cisco Intersight.

SAP HANA data management with NetApp

Now that you know how FlexPod with SAP HANA TDI can improve your data processing and analytics, learn how NetApp® cloud solutions can further enhance and simplify your SAP HANA data management. For example, with NetApp AFF A-Series systems, you can connect to more clouds for more data services, data tiering, caching, and disaster recovery. And to simplify data and infrastructure management, the NetApp BlueXP™ unified control plane makes it easy for you to deploy, discover, manage, and optimize your data and infrastructure. BlueXP combines visibility and manageability of storage instances and data services, and it enables multicloud operations—eliminating the need for multiple toolsets and competencies.

In addition, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP is now a production-certified, fully managed file service for SAP HANA. With FlexPod hybrid cloud integration, you can automate tasks, simplify deployments, and run your SAP HANA in-memory database with the flexibility of AWS-certified cloud infrastructure. For more information, check out the new features of FSx for ONTAP.

Sriram Sagi

Sriram Sagi is a principal product manager for FlexPod. He joined NetApp in 2022 with 15+ years of experience in enterprise products. Before NetApp, Sriram led product and technology teams and shipped multiple products. He has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering and an MBA from Duke University.

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