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Rethink Your Approach to End-User Computing

Laurence James
Laurence James

How to get predictable performance while meeting the needs of your end users and your business

Your employees need access to their desktops from anywhere in the world at any time, and to be able to collaborate in real time without delay. You need to make sure that your organization’s intellectual property is secure and that you can meet aggressive service expectations. Most importantly, you need to deliver fast, consistent performance across your enterprise even though you’re running more apps, with high-resolution content, and have added a significant number of workstations. Sound familiar?

With the increased demands across your organization, it’s time to rethink your approach to EUC – starting with the infrastructure that enables it. That means considering where the future of infrastructure and IT is headed and embracing hybrid cloud and multicloud approaches. NetApp® HCI, a hybrid cloud infrastructure, works with hypervisors and VDI software to deliver a superb user experience to your end users.

Because NetApp HCI allows independent scaling of compute and storage, it can grow with your business, at the right pace and cost, while ensuring you deliver the right level of service to your workloads with guaranteed performance. With NetApp HCI, you can reduce costs by moving the workloads running on high-end workstations back to your centralized data center. Your employees can gain remote access in real time, ensuring that:

  • Network and power outages don’t affect users’ working sessions
  • Users’ resources expand to fit their workflow and multi-workload needs
  • Data stays within the data center, regardless of where it’s accessed, safeguarding intellectual property
  • You meet the EUC requirements of a wide range of user types within your business
  • You’re using a low bandwidth for connections from the most remote locations

NetApp HCI allows you to run virtual desktops and critical user applications on the same infrastructure, making your EUC environment faster to design, deploy, manage, and scale. It ensures that the environment isn’t siloed from the rest of your IT and creates operational simplicity and efficiency. It also integrates with other important applications and services in your data center environment and beyond. We partner with leading cloud vendors to deliver true hybrid multicloud EUC.

The new NetApp white paper, Deliver Your Digital Workspace with a New Approach to End-User Computing, offers an overview of our enterprise-scale hybrid cloud infrastructure solution and discusses how it guarantees predictable performance on a highly flexible, efficient architecture that’s simple to deploy and to manage. It also gives an overview of the right EUC solution for every type of user.

With NetApp HCI you can deliver a seamless user experience to your organization’s remote employees anywhere in the world. Download the paper and then explore our 3D VDI solutions.

Laurence James

Laurence is responsible for driving market awareness for NetApp’s products across EMEA. His focus is on business growth and aligning NetApp’s offerings with customer and market needs. Laurence works across all of NetApp’s products and has an in-depth understanding of diverse customer requirements to deliver value across the entire range of the product suite. Working with a dedicated and experienced team, he now assists in developing and implementing campaigns that support the positioning of NetApp’s Cloud Infrastructure products. Laurence has many years’ experience working with all aspects of Enterprise IT and held roles at Oracle, Sun Microsystems and StorageTek. For nearly 20 years he was Principal IT Consultant at the UK Meteorological Office.

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