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Profit from the object storage boom with NetApp StorageGRID Partner Starter Packs

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Duncan Moore

No one can deny that high-performance flash storage is a necessity to manage the needs of today’s active storage. But what about the 80% of data in the world today that’s estimated to be inactive? There’s no reason to use the same high-performance option for inactive data when your customers can store it in a smarter way.

That’s where FabricPool and the NetApp® StorageGRID® object-based storage solution come in. FabricPool enables your customers with NetApp AFF high-performance storage systems to tier their infrequently accessed data onto low-cost, highly durable StorageGRID object-based storage. And to help you take advantage of the recent StorageGRID 11.5 launch, we have rolled out our new StorageGRID Starter Pack Promotion Kit.

Help customers lower their TCO and scale easily

By keeping cold data on StorageGRID object storage and active data on AFF systems, your customers get a cost-effective storage option for inactive data that can significantly reduce their TCO. And the experience is simple and invisible to the applications whose data is being tiered. StorageGRID also helps establish an enterprise object storage system that customers can easily scale in the future as they expand object workloads like archiving, backup, and media repositories.

Object storage is kept for decades instead of just a few years. With StorageGRID, your customers get a nondisruptive solution that operates smoothly over the long lifespan of data as they refresh, expand, and migrate. Your customers can dynamically balance their organizations’ durability, performance, cost, and location needs thanks to the industry’s leading data lifecycle policy engine.

The time is now

According to IDC, 54% of organizations have on-premises object storage deployed today, and another 40% are currently evaluating object storage. In addition, 19% own and retain unstructured datasets that are greater than 51PB, and 40% project an average annual data growth of 30% to 49% over the next 2 years. We’ve already seen tremendous adoption of FabricPool in our customer base, demonstrating this growing demand and the value that the solution brings to our AFF installed base and point-of-sale customers.

Your customers will soon turn to you to help them reduce the amount of cold data in their active storage by optimizing the data that’s retained in inactive storage over the long term. And with our new StorageGRID Starter Pack Promotion Kit, you’ll be ready to help. This kit gives you everything that you need to help your customers start their FabricPool and StorageGRID journey. It includes three easy-to-quote configurations; sample configurations for key solutions like Rubrik, Commvault, Veeam Software, and Splunk SmartStore; and preapproved discounts.

Take advantage of the object storage boom and be ready to help your customers. Learn more about the StorageGRID Starter Pack Promotion Kit (partner login required).

Duncan Moore

Duncan has spent the last 19 years at NetApp working to build solutions to solve customer problems in the areas of: Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Object Storage and Storage Security. He joined NetApp in 1999 to work on NetApp's first, and still industry leading, replication product SnapMirror and since then has been involved with many other industry firsts including: Unified primary/secondary storage deduplication, near-line storage appliances as well as integrations with leading data protection software vendors. Duncan’s current focus is in the area of Object Storage, where he leads teams building NetApp’s StorageGRID enterprise object storage system. Duncan holds a BS in Computer Science from California State University at San Jose as well as an MBA from the University of Kansas. He is based at the NetApp Technology Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

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