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NetApp at NVIDIA GTC Spring 2022 Conference

What does storage have to do with AI?

Why does data availability matter so much for AI workloads?

Where should a data pipeline fall on the list of priorities for an AI strategy?

How does NetApp deliver performance for state-of-the-art artificial intelligence?

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Mackinnon Giddings
Mackinnon Giddings

These questions and more were answered at NVIDIA GTC March 21-24 2022—the premier AI conference for researchers, developers, engineers, and technologists. In our two virtual sessions, we discussed industry use cases, technical barriers and solutions, and how NetApp® technology can help you unlock the best of NVIDIA and AI.

Exciting update from GTC– NVIDIA announces general availability of DGX Foundry

NVIDIA DGX Foundry —which includes NVIDIA Base Command software and uses NetApp storage—is a world-class infrastructure solution for businesses and their data scientists who need a premium AI development experience without the struggle of building it themselves. Offered as a hosted solution, it includes access to fully managed infrastructure based on the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD architecture.

If you missed GTC Spring this year, don’t panic. The sessions and discussions haven’t disappeared into the ether. You can watch them on demand on NetApp TV™. And as a NetApp TV viewer, you’ll also get the latest content and a chance to hear directly from our specialists.

Where is NetApp fueling AI today?

AI in Practice : Did you know that an autonomous vehicle generates 1TB/hour and 2PB/year? 

NetApp AI specialist Rick Huang discusses real-life industry vertical use cases for AI. Learn how Click-Through-Rate predictions help monetize the customer journey and how NetApp’s infrastructure fuels lane detection by using SNN. Joined by David Onoforio of NVIDIA, Rick also explores recommender engines system architecture, call center insight automation, and federated learning in Healthcare.

How do NVIDIA and NetApp work together?

AI Your Way : Did you know that only 53% of projects make it from pilot to production? And  that 30% of organizations cite the complexity of AI solution integration with existing infrastructure as a top barrier?

David Arnett, a NetApp principal technical marketing engineer, and NVIDIA’s Jeff Weiss discuss the NetApp and NVIDIA portfolio of products and solutions that solve the headache of infrastructure integration and get your project across the chasm between pilot and production.

For more great NetApp and NVIDIA GTC content, watch the on-demand sessions and visit our GTC page . We’re here for you if you have further questions. Sign up for an informative 1:1 meeting with a NetApp solutions specialist to talk about anything AI. It’s easy to   schedule time to chat. 

Mackinnon Giddings

Mackinnon joined NetApp and the Solutions Marketing team in 2020. In her time, she has focused on Enterprise Applications and Virtualization, but uncovered a passion in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics. In her current role as a Marketing Specialist, Mackinnon strives to push messaging and solutions that focus on the intersection of authentic human experience and innovative technology. With a background that spans industries like Software Development, Fashion, and small business operations, Mackinnon approaches AI topics with a fresh, outsider perspective. Mackinnon holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She continues to live in Colorado with an often sleeping greyhound and a growing collection of empty Margaux bottles.

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