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New normal for automation

Mahalakshmi G
Mahalakshmi G

New normal for automationAre you focused on operational efficiency? Over the past year, business challenges and economic uncertainty have led many organizations to look into simplifying their IT operations. A key part of that focus is to re-envision their traditional processes. Today, every industry is employing new tools and technologies to help them adapt to the “new normal.” In the IT industry, customers are adopting industry-standard automation techniques by moving away from proprietary APIs so that they can provide world-class services.

Automation of modern apps

REST APIs are a key part of the automation of modern application and integration architectures. Their ease of use is a critical factor in their success. The set of NetApp® ONTAP® REST APIs means that customers who are running storage environments with ONTAP 9.6 and later can start consuming REST API endpoints for their automation at ONTAP scope.

ONTAP elevates your automation path to the next level with a comprehensive set of REST APIs that don’t require licensing or installation because they are natively available in ONTAP. To see the REST API GUI in your cluster, go to https://<cluster-mgmt-IP>/docs/api/. This GUI provides REST endpoints that can automate your day-to-day ONTAP operations management, and you can integrate with any third-party tools that incorporate REST APIs. Future releases of ONTAP REST APIs will offer  new ONTAP features.

To further simplify ONTAP storage automation, NetApp provides a Python client library for the programmatic consumption of REST APIs. You can also create your own client library by accessing our yaml file at https://<your-cluster-mgmt-IP>/docs/api/swagger.yaml.

If you currently use NetApp ONTAPI, see the mapping document that maps every ONTAPI function to its respective ONTAP REST API endpoint. This document provides API information down to the attribute level. If you find gaps in ONTAPI-to-REST mapping, please submit them to us with this form.

To complete the automation story, you can use a private CLI passthrough as well. This option enables you to execute the CLI command through a REST call. You can even execute diagnostic or advanced-mode commands. To learn more, read this blog and take a look at the Python sample scripts for CLI passthrough use.

With the latest ONTAP 9.8 features, REST APIs simplify data management and help to achieve operational efficiency. You can retrieve the file analytics of a particular volume using REST APIs and find performance metrics at the qtree level. Even upgrading ONTAP has been simplified. For security, if you would like to enable certification authentication for an account (for example  admin), you can run this simple Python sample code.

Learn more about all the benefits of NetApp’s broad library of REST APIs.
  • Get hands-on experience in our Hands-on Lab. Simply clone the sample scripts posted onour GitHub site.
Check out, and if you have any questions, send them to our Slack channel.

Mahalakshmi G

Mahalakshmi works as Technical Marketing Engineer for OnCommand System Manager. As she is part of Product Management, she loves solving real-world customer issues. She also has a deep passion for automation coding. Apart from work, Mahalakshmi is keen on music and enjoys traveling to new places.

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