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NetApp Recognized as Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Infrastructure

Robert Cox
Robert Cox

At the Google Cloud Next 2019 Partner Summit in San Francisco today, NetApp was named 2018 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Infrastructure. The award highlights our joint engineering achievements in codeveloping deep integrations between Google Cloud and NetApp. NetApp was recognized for its unique and innovative file storage service integrated into the Google Cloud Platform, helping joint customers move to Google Cloud 10 times faster.

As the data authority in hybrid cloud, leading global enterprise organizations count on NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud to store, manage, protect, and retain one of their most precious assets: their data. Together, NetApp and Google Cloud engineered this multiprotocol, high-performance file storage service to help our customers move, deploy, and manage their business-critical file data. Enterprise companies around the world use the service to store their primary workloads file data in Google Cloud. Customers use the service to migrate their enterprise applications to Google Cloud with minimal changes, requiring fewer resources and with lower risk.

Companies that leverage the cloud to disrupt new markets are seeing top-line revenue growth and greater customer satisfaction compared to companies that don’t. Whether you’re an IT manager looking to operate an app in the cloud, a data scientist working with big data, or a cloud architect building new capabilities, NetApp Cloud Volumes Services for Google Cloud gives you enterprise-class file storage on a leading cloud provider.

Global enterprise companies use Cloud Volumes Service because it offers the performance, availability, and security they need for workloads including business-critical applications, applications delivered as a service, container data persistence, home directories, libraries, content management systems, and more. Its support for POSIX-compliant NFS and SMB interfaces, multiple performance levels supporting different price/performance requirements, and rich data management makes it the ideal file storage service for data-driven industries, including life sciences, retail, media and entertainment, energy, and financial services.

Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud can help you in the following ways.

Migrate Workloads

  • Move your on-premises applications to the cloud 10 times faster.
  • Achieve extreme performance for your business-critical needs, from enterprise applications to Windows-based applications, content management systems, primary workloads, and more.
Develop Applications
  • Speed up your development cycles with advanced data management capabilities (instance workspace clones and built-in protection).
Consume Services
  • Achieve world-class applications capabilities with the flexibility of the cloud; consume what you need, when you need it.
  • Bring your file-based dataset closer to the cloud services your business requires, such as big data, AI, and ML.
Learn more and sign up today to try NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud.

Robert Cox

Robert is a senior product marketing manager with over 20 years of product marketing and product management experience. He is focused on NetApp’s Cloud Data Services, working to enable customers to deliver business outcomes for all IT workloads in cloud, multicloud, and hybrid cloud environments. Robert is an avid cyclist and loves to be outdoors.

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