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NetApp and Proact: The power of together

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Ben Walker
Ben Walker

Since 1998, NetApp and data management specialist Proact have been long-term successful partners, delivering value to our mutual customers. Over the years, Proact has provided NetApp® solutions to its clients, backed up by professional support services, managed cloud services, and certified technology expertise covering several European markets. This partnership has led to great success for both companies and has allowed us to grow and innovate together.

In a brand-new video, you can hear from Per Sedihn, CTO of the Proact Group, and Fredrik Nygren, senior SE manager at NetApp Sweden. They discuss the relationship between Proact and NetApp and how we best serve our customers—together.

In the video, Nygren Fredrik talks about the importance of the partnership between the two companies:

One of the key components of that partnership and that trust is our shared view on the importance of data—to protect your data, to make sure that it’s stored in a cost-efficient way, that you can get access to your data when you need it. The importance of data is shared in the DNA of both Proact and NetApp, and I think that’s part of what’s made us successful and what has helped our customers solve their challenges.

The Proact and NetApp relationship has grown over the last few decades, and together we’ve been able to respond to changes from the industry and from our customers. “Things are always changing,” notes Sedihn. “I think when we look forward to where we are heading together, one piece is certainly the modern application space, containerized type of applications, and the data management functionality that we’ve been utilizing and keep on improving.”

Are you curious to hear more? Check out the video now.

As we look toward the future, we hope to continue our longstanding partnership, to continue helping our customers drive innovation, and to ensure that our customers can unlock the power of their data.

If you’d like to know more about Proact, visit us at and get in touch today.

Ben Walker

Ben Walker is the Group Marketing Manager at Proact IT AB, where he leads a team of professional marketers across 13 European countries. Ben is passionate about enabling clients to use their data to drive value for their businesses through simplifying their data management.

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