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Highlights of NetApp AI at Ai4 2021

NetApp is closely aligned with our partner NVIDIA to enable enterprise-class AI, and we were a proud Diamond sponsor of Ai4 2021, the premier event for exploring AI across industries.

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Mike McNamara
Mike McNamara

The Ai4 2021 virtual conference, August 17-19, brought together business leaders and data practitioners to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology. NetApp is closely aligned with our partner NVIDIA to enable enterprise-class AI, and we were a proud Diamond sponsor of Ai4 2021, the premier event for exploring AI across industries. 

This year we focused on simplified data management so you can focus on the science. We highlighted these solutions in our virtual booth and speaking sessions:

  • Enable end-to-end AI data pipelines, no matter where data lives—or moves—from edge to core to cloud
  • Remove complexity and risk associated with deploying AI infrastructure
  • Capture the full value of your data science ecosystems without creating silos and drive 5 times more data through your pipeline

Speaking sessions

Our three speaking sessions addressed the following infrastructure requirements for AI adoption: scale, the promise of AI in healthcare, and the impact of AI in financial services. Our two townhall moderated sessions covered how AI can help with burnout in clinicians and trends in AI and ML data management. You can watch the sessions on demand.

Infrastructure Requirements for AI Adoption at Scale (General Session)

Hoseb Dermanilian

Streamline the flow of data reliably and speed up analytics, training, and inference with your data fabric that spans from edge to core to cloud. Learn how the NetApp® DataOps toolkit enables data scientists and data engineers to provision, destroy, clone, and make Snapshot™ copies of data volumes in seconds. Hear how the NetApp AI portfolio delivers efficient and scalable performance for the most demanding ML and deep learning (DL) workloads. 

The REAL Promise of AI in Healthcare (Healthcare Session)

Ray Deoitte

Although AI holds great promise in healthcare, the current focus on clinical use cases poses numerous roadblocks that will continue to prevent widespread adoption of AI in healthcare. From FDA approval to clinician adoption and skepticism, there is a long road ahead of clinical AI. However, AI and all its subclasses can and will find purchase in healthcare on the administrative side of the business. Proving AI efficacy and utility in the operations of healthcare organizations is where the real promise of AI in healthcare lies today. Tomorrow that will change, but today AI can help transform the way hospitals are run, without ever touching a patient. Attend the session to learn more.

Transformational Impact of AI in Financial Services (Finance Session)

Sathish Thyagarajan

The financial services industry faces turbulence from increased regulatory compliance, changes in business models, and customer retention. Lately the impact of COVID-19 has pushed the acceleration in digitization and digital engagement. Emerging fintech companies and customer expectations are rapidly evolving. Some organizations use AI to analyze securities for investments, while others use it to improve fraud detection, reduce errors, and minimize risks. This session includes AI use cases in financial services and discusses how NetApp is engaged in helping its enterprise customers.

Can AI Help Lessen Burnout in Clinicians? (Townhall)

Esteban Rubens

The global pandemic has exacerbated the already serious problem of burnout in healthcare. Learn how AI can help clinicians and staff improve their work lives.

Trends in AI/ML Data Management (Townhall)

Mike Oglesby

Learn about the trends in AI and ML data management. We will explore the architectural considerations and the evolving MLOps software ecosystem from a data management perspective.

Learn more

To learn more about NetApp AI, visit our web page, check out our 3D interactive ONTAP® AI demo, and read the infographic Top 10 ways NetApp is getting real with AI.

Mike McNamara

Mike McNamara is a senior product and solution marketing leader at NetApp with over 25 years of data management and cloud storage marketing experience. Before joining NetApp over ten years ago, Mike worked at Adaptec, Dell EMC, and HPE. Mike was a key team leader driving the launch of a first-party cloud storage offering and the industry’s first cloud-connected AI/ML solution (NetApp), unified scale-out and hybrid cloud storage system and software (NetApp), iSCSI and SAS storage system and software (Adaptec), and Fibre Channel storage system (EMC CLARiiON).

In addition to his past role as marketing chairperson for the Fibre Channel Industry Association, he is a member of the Ethernet Technology Summit Conference Advisory Board, a member of the Ethernet Alliance, a regular contributor to industry journals, and a frequent event speaker. Mike also published a book through FriesenPress titled "Scale-Out Storage - The Next Frontier in Enterprise Data Management" and was listed as a top 50 B2B product marketer to watch by Kapos.

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