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Learn How to Use Your Primary Infrastructure to Improve Data Protection at Commvault GO

Alex Goldblatt

Data protection has always been considered a “necessary evil” of IT investment because it can be used only for one purpose: to protect your applications and data from imminent threats. The massive evolution in application development, big data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), virtualization, containerization, and so on, has further increased the complexity of the primary production environment. This evolution also drives additional spending in secondary infrastructure for the very same fundamental goal of ensuring the reliability and availability of your business.

This paradigm seemingly represents an endless loop of the “chicken and egg” situation, with double, if not triple the IT spending that’s rapidly increasing with no real solution in sight. It requires fundamental change, not just in data protection practices and technologies, but also in the overall philosophical outlook of the IT evolution and strategy.

To break this dependency and to reverse the trend, NetApp introduced the concept of the Data Fabric. A data fabric is an architecture and a set of data services that give you consistent capabilities across your choice of endpoints that span on-premises and multiple cloud environments. This concept has enabled users to revolutionize data protection services as a native extension of the primary infrastructure.  You can now extend use cases beyond traditional data protection to multicloud and hybrid cloud data availability – newly evolving use cases that enable customers to further leverage their data protection investment.

Learn More at Commvault GO 2019

Join NetApp at Commvault GO to meet our team of experts at Booth D4 and see a demonstration on data availability with Commvault powered by NetApp® technology. Learn how we can help you simplify and integrate data protection management across the enterprise to scale without limits and to future-proof your IT infrastructure.

To learn how to get started and for a deeper dive, attend our informative breakout sessions:

  • The first session will educate attendees about how to modernize their data protection with integrated solutions from NetApp and Commvault.
  • The second session will be a panel discussion that will include some special guests: Phil Goodwin, Research Director for Multicloud Data Management and Protection at IDC, and one of NetApp and Commvault’s notable joint customers, Scott Hunter, Global Infrastructure Services Director at AstraZeneca.
We will also have raffles for some great prizes at the breakout sessions and at the booth. The NetApp booth will be a hub of activity at Commvault GO 2019, so don’t miss out! For more information about how to build a data fabric that’s powered by NetApp technology, go to

Alex Goldblatt

Alex Goldblatt is Sr. Product Manager with the NetApp Data Protection Partner Product Management Team. Alex has over 20 years in IT Infrastructure industry focused on Hardware and Software strategy and product development. Prior to joining NetApp, Alex worked for variety of startups and large enterprise companies such as BMC Software, Dell EMC and Veritas.

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