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NetApp and NTS: Welcome to the hybrid cloud

A thriving partnership that supports customers by optimizing data usage.

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Georg Trzil
Georg Trzil

"Technology is becoming more and more complex, and NetApp makes our daily business easy."

—Thomas Hausegger, NTS Sales Director, Austria and Italy

Adieu, complexity

Welcome to the hybrid cloud! The use of technologies is becoming increasingly complex, and the management of data and applications in hybrid cloud environments can be a major challenge. But among all this complexity, business with NetApp is always easy. We at NTS know that we can rely on our partner with secure, professional, and uncomplicated deployments. Therefore, we see NetApp as the leading voice for everything concerning the hybrid cloud, which centralizes data management with on-premises and public environments and thus tremendously widens the possibilities to use data services.

NetApp® ONTAP® data management software, for example, can be compared to a DNA core that is cloud enabled and offers the same features and interfaces as an on-premises solution. Customers get the flexibility to move workloads back and forth within their data fabric. In this way, data can be transferred across multiple cloud platforms, regardless of the provider or the underlying infrastructure.

This interoperability through on-premises and up to cloud systems is innovative and gives customers a degree of flexibility that was not possible before. Now it’s easy for us to provide our customers with 360-degree support, no matter where they are on their journey.

NTS CEO Alexander Albler sums it up: “What I appreciate about NetApp is its innovative and clear focus. Reliability and continuous development are important for our customers and for us, too.”

Like electricity from the socket

Nowadays, customers need strong support to keep their infrastructure up and running. Companies are increasingly deciding to purchase complete infrastructure parts as a service, be it server on demand or storage. In this regard, we provide support with unique super services, either as a complete service or as a subscription—whether the infrastructure is in the cloud, on the customer’s premises, or in a data center. We build infrastructures for our customers and support them during operation on an hourly or flat-rate basis, and we take over full operational management of the infrastructure within the managed services.

Especially when it comes to digitalization of business processes, agile and scalable data pools are essential. They’re required for hybrid IT architectures, which consist of public and private cloud components, as well as for consumption models that present traditional IT with new challenges. The long-standing partnership between NTS and NetApp has already secured a safe path for future-oriented and secure storage solutions for many of our joint customers.

Highly specialized and always available

Thanks to a large number of people who have reached the highest technical level through certifications and training, we have maintained an advanced level of service for many years. NTS customers have access to a highly specialized team worldwide. Qualified engineers from Graz, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Leipzig, or Brisbane are available around the clock—directly, without call center agents or dispatchers. The engineers are supported in turn by specialized teams for data centers, unified communications, or networks.

About NetApp and NTS

Within a few years, NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service AG managed to achieve NetApp’s highest certification level and became a Star Partner.

NetApp enables options for new strategies for the future—cloud applications and an optimized data application with a basis for storage, management, and protection that is independent of the location. As a cloud storage specialist, NetApp continually develops and works toward innovative technologies, and it specializes in the compilation, the linking, and the management of a data fabric.

The successful partnership between NetApp and NTS was initiated by, among other things, FlexPod® systems defined by NetApp and Cisco and the converged infrastructure solution for data centers. FlexPod has long been recognized as a leading, converging infrastructure and offers many NTS customers a validated platform that is easy to implement and to manage. The solution is also flexible and scalable to cover a wide range of data center workloads.

Learn how to differentiate yourself in the market, gain customers, and increase revenue. Discover the benefits of partnering with NTS and NetApp.

Georg Trzil

Georg Trzil joined NTS in 2018 and he is – together with his team - responsible for the ongoing business with the technology partners in Austria, Germany, and Italy. Before NTS, Georg had various sales and partner management jobs at IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle.

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