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Gartner’s Tips for Navigating your DevOps Journey

Aubrey Muhlach

Although there’s plenty of debate on what DevOps is, there’s no confusion on what it does: It enables businesses to release higher-quality products faster and improve time to revenue. Everyone is chasing this goal, but how do you get there? Gartner breaks it down to the basics in How to Navigate Your DevOps Journey.

At the NetApp Insight conference this year, it was clear that many of you are early in your DevOps journey. You’re figuring out how to develop an organization that embodies the DevOps culture, and it is no small task. From finding the right tools to enable your team, to convincing your management that it’s a worthy initiative to chase, there’s no shortage of work to be done.

Many of you shared that you’re starting with automation. You’re automating simple, time-consuming manual tasks to deliver resources faster and with more efficiency than before. Containers have also been an enabling technology to accelerate the software development lifecycle. But containers have resulted in growing pains when it comes to data management and delivering storage persistence.

But what’s next? We know DevOps isn’t one person or one toolset—it’s a culture. Take advantage of Gartner’s analysis to make the right move for your organization and identify next steps in evolving your DevOps practice.

Gartner, “How to Navigate Your DevOps Journey,” October 22, 2018, Christopher Little, Daniel Betts.

Aubrey Muhlach

Aubrey is a product marketing manager for NetApp where she creates lively content and success stories for customers looking to achieve the next generation data center. Outside of work, Aubrey spends her time enjoying the Colorado sunshine and planning her next travel adventures.

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