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Managing the burden of cyber resiliency

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Grant Getz

Ransomware is top of mind for IT teams, and the need to prepare for one of the biggest threats to their organization's efficiency, reputation, and financial standing is a huge burden that cannot be ignored. Ignoring the need to have a strategy to prevent, detect, and recover from these threats is not an option. Without a plan in place, IT professionals are putting their company’s security at risk — and potentially their own job security as well.

Unfortunately, finding a tool that makes it easy to cover all the requirements of a ransomware protection plan is not as simple as most customers would hope. To protect themselves, IT leaders must find a way to automate data protection and cyber-resilience workflows and to have full visibility into the components that give them the best chance to be prepared.

NetApp® Cloud Manager gives IT teams a solid foundation for this effort. The newly released Cloud Manager Ransomware Protection Dashboard is a single, consolidated view that gives cyberpersonas in the enterprise a consolidated view of their infrastructure arsenal to prepare, identify, protect, and recover from the threat of ransomware.

How the dashboard works

The Cloud Manager Ransomware Protection Dashboard gives you a single point of visibility and control to manage and refine your data security across a variety of working environments and infrastructure layers to better respond to threats as they occur. With this dashboard, you can use NetApp technologies to map and classify your data; manage permissions and access; detect abnormal I/O or user activity on your data; trigger automatic threat responses such as blocking anomalous user activity and/or triggering immutable Snapshot™ copies if threats are identified; and avoid costly downtime with rapid backup and restore. IT teams can use these advanced defense mechanisms to strengthen cyber resilience and make sure that their most critical data stays protected.

How the dashboard benefits you

The Cloud Manager Ransomware Protection Dashboard helps you to:

Be aware of your data. Immediately spot security risks across all your working environments — on premises or in the cloud, NetApp native or other vendors.

Know how to respond. Get machine-learning-based recommendations for steps to improve security.

Take action. Implement the recommendations to improve your data security.

The dashboard helps IT teams to:

  • Map and classify your most sensitive and mission-critical data.
  • Stay on top of the usage patterns and the state of your data.
  • Restrict access to your data with permissions management.
  • Avoid costly downtime and recover rapidly.

The following figure shows a cyber resilience map in the Cloud Manager Ransomware Protection Dashboard.

cyber resiliency flowchart

Get started with the dashboard today

The ransomware threat is real enough, so there’s no need for scare tactics: It’s your data, and you know that you must protect it. There’s a better way to do that with the NetApp Cloud Manager’s Ransomware Protection Dashboard.

Grant Getz

Grant Getz is an Outbound Product Manager for ONTAP. Prior to NetApp Grant was awarded as a Top 50 Tech Visionary for his work as the product manager for a data services platform. He also founded his own start-up, a music app that allowed users to contribute to a shared playlist regardless of platform or app. He has a passion for bringing products to the market that impact the future business and building a product vision that changes the status quo. In his free time, Grant enjoys high-end sports cards, and spending time with his friends and family.

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