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Welcoming Lou Anne Reynolds, Director Global Partner Programs | NetApp

Lou Anne Reynolds
Lou Anne Reynolds

NetApp Partner Program

“If You Want to Have Good Partners, Be a Good Partner”

Lou Anne Reynolds, Director Global Partner Programs

This quote sounds like it’s right out of a relationship counselor’s handbook, right? Truth be told, most successful relationships include the elements of transparency, commitment, consistency, and respect, to name just a few. Which leads me to the topic at hand:

Why I Joined the NetApp Partner Programs Team

Because NetApp cares about partners. And because they make things happen—good things.

To begin at the beginning, the hiring process I experienced at NetApp involved six interviews with people who are affiliated with partners. As I went through the interviews, the first thing I discovered was that the channel-facing people at NetApp are not in it just for the paycheck. They really care about our partners’ success. They strive to create programs and investments that are beneficial—to customers and to NetApp of course, but primarily to our partners.

Another thing I learned is that these people like what they do. To be frank, the channel is not easy. The “care and feeding” of a global partner ecosystem is demanding and complex.  It’s a 24/7 responsibility, and no two partners are the same. You’ve really got to want to do this job to succeed at it. The talented group of people I interviewed with could all be doing different jobs, maybe even easier ones. They could find positions that would let them spend more time with their families and friends. Instead, they choose to be here. They want to be here. They like what they do. In other words, they are completely committed.

The NetApp Partner Programs team has a vibe that makes people want to be a part of it. Every discussion I had was energetic and at the same time relaxed. We fell into conversation easily, sharing past experiences and future optimism. I didn’t feel that I had to have an “interview” mindset, being careful to say “just the right thing.” It was as though we had known each other for ages and were sharing stories between old friends. Time flew by; I could hardly believe when each interview was over. I wanted to keep talking with these people.

I’m very happy to say that NetApp hired me. (But you know that now, because I’m writing a NetApp blog.)  I’ve been here for a couple of months now and the energizing experience I had during the interview process continues. The extended teams are just as engaging and committed as the core team. We all want to make it the best programs and best experiences for our partners. We’re  diligent about listening to our partners. We’re dedicated to offering enticing investments and engaging programs through the NetApp Partner Program. And we’re delighted to hear our partners’ feedback. We work to be clear, open, and honest in our communications. We’re finding solutions, making things simpler, and improving partner experiences. Do we get it right the first time, every time? Probably not. But do we give up? Absolutely not.

And there you have it. That’s what we do, day in and day out. We make things better, so that our partners can be successful. Stay tuned—  you don’t want to miss what’s coming next.

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Lou Anne Reynolds

Lou Anne is Director of Global Partner Programs at NetApp and leads a worldwide team that designs and manages the NetApp Unified Partner Program and Partner Investment Programs. These programs are designed to deliver a global partner investment and recognition framework that advances the overall partner strategy with solution providers, integrators and service providers. Lou Anne ensures that the Unified Partner Program continues to stay ahead of the market, drives partner alignment to key imperatives, maintains a high level of partner commitment and demonstrates clear and measurable impact on the business and partner satisfaction. Previously, Lou Anne was Senior Director of Global Partner Marketing at PTC where she designed and built the global partner marketing strategy, team, programs, systems and processes from the ground up. She led a global team that supported the marketing needs of the PTC partner ecosystem: Strategic Alliances, Global System Integrators, Solution Providers, and Technology Providers. Prior to joining PTC, Lou Anne held several leadership positions including: Sr. Manager, Partner Marketing Programs at EMC, Manager of VAR Programs at Network Integrity, Partner Manager and Account Executive at Microsoft. Lou Anne earned an BA from Boston University. Lou Anne lives in Acton, MA with her husband, three teenage children and their dog. She is an avid gardener and a wine enthusiast.

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